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Who is Radhika Merchant, Radhika Merchant Parents, Where is Jamnagar?

Radhika Merchant And Anant Ambani : Friends to forever. : In recent news, all you know is that Mukesh Ambani's Son Anant Ambani getting married and her Fiancee is Radhika Merchant, but Who is She?

As we all know the couple is all set to tie the forever knot in July, their wedding has been the talk of the town since the past year, so let’s get some insights about their relationship and more information about the bride Radhika Merchant.

In the world of uber-rich, Ambanis being on the top for business, wealth, influence and coverage, have always been the most famous, humble, and powerful family, the pre-wedding celebrations of the couple has started with all celebrities being part of including famous singer Rihanna and Mark Zuckerberg.

How did Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani meet? Radhika Merchant Family and Father’s Business? And more information of Radhika Merchant, so let’s find out in this article!

How did Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani meet?

Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant have always been quite regarding how they met, however through a joint statement released by their families, it was stated that, the couple have known each other for years. Few sources have also claimed that they have been friends since childhood but love blossomed between them much later.

The rumours for the couple started when they shared a photo together on Instagram wearing matching olive green gowns.

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Radhika has been a part of the family since years as she was seen during all festivities of Isha Ambani’s wedding, the couple was spotted together in Akash Ambani’s wedding and then Akash and Shloka Ambani’s sons first birthday in 2021.

In june 2022, Ambani’s organised an Arangetram ceremony, where Radhika Merchant performed her graduation Bharatnatyam dance and in december 2022, The Ambani’s officially announced Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s wedding.

who is radhika merchant
Who is Radhika Merchant

Who is Radhika Merchant? Information regarding Radhika merchant.

Radhika Merchant needs no introduction, the most humble girl graduated from a prestigious NewYork University to being a professional Bharatnatyam dancer, she is an all-rounder. After returning to India, she joined Isprava, a luxury real estate company, she worked there for a year and then moved to Encore Healthcare, her father’s company. Soon she is going to be a part of the Ambani family in July 2024. Radhika Merchant now also helps her soon to be husband in taking care of the injured animals, this information was released by her soon to be husband Anant Ambani.

Family of Radhika Merchant.

Radhika Merchant is the daughter of the business tycoon Viren A. Merchant who is the CEO and Vice Chairman of Encore Healthcare and Shaila Merchant currently the managing director of Encore Healthcare. The couple is said to have a net worth of ₹700 crore and no doubt both her parents are so successful in their career and life, also playing an important role in their daughter’s life.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. Who Is Radhika Merchant?

Radhika Merchant is a 27-year-old young leading mind, born to Viren and Shaila Merchant. She is now known globally as the Fiancee of Anant Ambani.

Q2. Is Radhika Merchant Gujrati ?

Yes, Radhika Merchant is known to be bought up in a Gujrati family with all the culture and traditional practices.

Q3. Who are Radhika Merchant Parents?

Radhika Merchant is the daughter of Viren and Shaila Merchant, founder and owner of Encore Healthcare. Her father is CEO of encore and a board member of Apollo Tubes.

Q4. Who is the Father of Radhika Merchant?

Viren Merchant is the father of Radhika Merchant, He is CEO of Encore Healthcare and a head board member of Apollo Tubes.

Q5 Where is Jamnagar?

Jamnagar is located in the headquarters of Gujrat, It is also the birthplace of the famous businessman’s son Anant Ambani.

I hope this article was interesting and insightful, for more such articles and the latest news updates… Keep reading!

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