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Elvish Yadav News: What happened, when will he be released from jail, why was he arrested, and why was jailed?

In this Elvish Yadav News post we will know everything's about What happened, when will he be released from jail, why arrested, & why jailed?

What Happened to Elvish Yadav Recently

Elvish Yadav known for his fame and controversies, recently was involved in a physical fight with Maxtern and is now arrested for the snake venom – rave party case. let’s find out recent updates on Elvish Yadav News.

In this article, there will be information and updates regarding Elvish Yadav Bigg Boss Ott season 2 winner who was arrested on 17th March under the snake venom – rave party case. Why is Elvish Yadav Arrested? What is judicial custody? Who is Maneka Gandhi, her involvement in this case? What is snake venom and why is it supplied to rave parties?

You will get answers to all these questions, so let’s find out!

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Elvish Yadav in Jail. Why is Elvish arrested?

Big Boss Ott season 2 winner Elvish Yadav has been arrested in the snake venom – rave party case after he was questioned by Noida police. A case under the Wildlife Act was registered against him in Noida and five others for arranging snake venom for use as a recreational drug at rave parties last year. The police raided a rave party last year in November and arrested five people including four snake charmers and recovered 9 snakes and poison. Elvish is also accused of using snakes in his video shoots.

Elvish in judicial custody. What is judicial custody?

Elvish has now been sent to a 14-day judicial custody.
Under judicial custody, an accused is under the custody of the concerned magistrate and lodged in jail for the specific time period of custody.

Earlier Elvish denied involvement in the snake venom case but has now confessed to arranging snakes and snake venom at rave parties organized by him and also knowing the other accused arrested for supplying snake venom last year.

When will Elvish Yadav be released from jail?

Elvish Yadav has been sent to Noida jail for 14 days on March 17. Let us tell you that being a celebrity, he was shifted from the normal barrack to the high-security barrack next to the jail after 2 days. Due to the lawyers being on strike, the bail plea has not yet been presented in court. Therefore, it is difficult to say when Elvish Yadav will be released from jail.

News: When will Elvish Yadav be released from jail
When will Elvish Yadav be released from jail

Who is Maneka Gandhi? Her involvement in Snake venom – rave party case.

After seeing videos of Elvish Yadav, the animal rights group PFA (People for Animals) headed by BJP leader Maneka Gandhi has stated that her NGO has been keeping an eye on Elvish Yadav.

Maneka’s NGO lodged a complaint against Elvish and made a statement why he was on the run if we was not guilty. She demanded the immediate arrest of Elvish and also revealed they laid a trap for Elvish by calling him and not revealing his identity. They asked him to provide snakes and their venom. Elvish gave out the number of a person named Rahul who was then asked to come at a banquet, where Noida police and forest department arrested everyone including 4 snake charmers.

Why snake venom is supplied to rave parties?

Snake venom is allegedly used to induce intoxication among people, at rave parties. It does not produce an alcohol high like but can induce symptoms which could have an effect on the nervous system and other psychological processes.

I hope this article was interesting and insightful, for more such articles and the latest Elvish Yadav News updates… Stay Tuned!

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