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Top 10 Best Dog Foods in India: Brands, Home cooked & Healthy Food, Foods to Avoid for Dogs.

Top 10 Best Dog Foods in India: 1. Royal Canin, 2. Pedigree Pro, 3. Drools Focus, 4. Farmina N&D, 5. Orijen, 6. Acana, 7. Taste of the Wild. to know more read this post to the End.

As responsible dog parents, it is a very critical decision of choosing the best and right dog food for your pets. Now you don’t have to worry about it. Because in this post we shared the Top 10 Best Dog Foods in India: Brands, Home cooked & Healthy Food, Foods to Avoid for Dogs

This article is for all dog parents, who finds it a challenging task of finding the best dog foods in Indian Market, as availability of less options for best dog food brands it is also necessary to keep other food options equivalent to dog food.

Top 10 Best Dog Foods in India: Brands

1. Royal Canin:

Royal Canin is a globally pet renowned food brand. It collaborates with experts to develop breed specific, considering the factors like size, age and breed for both dogs and cats.

Royal Canin
Royal Canin

2. Pedigree Pro:

The most common dog food brand in India, known for it’s for providing high quality dog food. Pedigree pro provides a variety and range of dog products according to the nutritional need of the dog breed.

Pedigree Pro,
Pedigree Pro

3. Drools Focus:

It was originated in India back in 2007. The brand’s mission is to offer affordable and nutritionally balanced pet food options.

Drools Focus
Drools Focus

4. Farmina N&D:

An esteemed pet food brand originated from Italy. Farmina N&D uses high quality, natural ingredients in it’s recipes catering to both cats and dogs.

Farmina N&D, Top 10 Best Dog Foods in India
Farmina N&D

5. Orijen:

Premium pet food brand that emphasizes biologically appropriate diets.

Orijen, Top 10 Best Dog Foods in India

6. Acana:

A sister brand of Orijen offers a variety of high protein grain-free diets for dogs.

Acana, Top 10 Best Dog Foods in India

7. Taste of the Wild:

Originated from United States and places a strong emphasis on using real meat and fruits & vegetables to create balanced and nutritious diet for dogs and cats.

Taste of the Wild, Top 10 Best Dog Foods in India
Taste of the Wild

8. Arden Grange:

The brand’s focus on natural ingredients, free from artificial additives and rigorous quality control.

Arden Grange, Top 10 Best Dog Foods in India
Arden Grange

9. Purina:

Widely recognised and trusted brand in the world of pet nutrition, also a part of Nestle Purina Pet Care Company.


10. Signature Grain Zero:

New venture which deals with pet wellness that has been recently set up in February 2022.

Signature Grain Zero
Signature Grain Zero

Top 10 best dog food in India: Homecooked and Healthy.

It is not affordable for all dog parents to buy branded food for their dogs in India every month. So there are some alternate options of homecooked food which can keep your dog healthy.

  • Milk products like curd which provides cooling in their body.
  • Cottage cheese (paneer) can also be given but in moderation.
  • Boiled rice mixed with boiled chicken.
  • Boiled rice mixed with Boiled vegetables.
  • Eggs are fine, but try to avoid yolk in summers as it causes warmth in their body.
  • Fresh Fruits (mangoes, apples, bananas, strawberries)
  • Boiled potatoes (can also be mixed with rice).
  • Peanut butter

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Food products to be avoided for Dogs.

There are some food products which should not be given to dogs as they have hazardous effects on their health.

  • Chocolate, and coffee: most toxic foods for pets.
  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Artificial Sweeteners (Xylitol)
  • Onions and garlic
  • Alcohol
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Salt
  • Bones

I hope this article was interesting and pet-friendly for all dog parents, if you have any queries drop it in the comments below.. For more such content, stay tuned on

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