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Top 10 Breakfast Foods In India: Delicacies and their origin.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods In India: 1) Idli Sambhar, 2) Poha, 3) Parathas, 4) Dosa, 5) Aloo Puri, 6) Upma, 7) Misal Pav, 8) Medu Vada...9)...Read this post to know more.

Hello friends, India is a blend of different traditions and different tastes which often attract tourists more . As we all know that India is always known for its outstanding food and versatile tastes, here in this article we’ll be discussing about the top 10 breakfast foods in India which are famous and delicious. If you’re someone wanting to start your day with a blast of flavors in your mouth then here you go. We have covered the most famous dishes for you all.

Top 10 Breakfast Foods In India

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1) Idli Sambhar

Originates from the southern part of our country, Idli Sambhar is served as a breakfast in many parts of our country. This is a rice cake which is mostly made up of fermented rice and served with sambhar and coconut chutney. It is very light to eat with no fat hence preferred by many.

Idli Sambhar, Top 10 Breakfast Foods In India
Idli Sambhar

2) Poha

Originating from Maharashtra , it is a flattened rice sauteed with onions, chillis, indian spices and many more to enhance the flavours of the dish. People mostly eat it with namkeen and bhujiya to make it more crispier. This dish is also enjoyed in many parts of our country.

3) Parathas

Originating from the northern parts of our country, parathas are a staple food for most of us. They are also served in many variations such as aaloo parathas, paneer parathas even plain parathas with a bit of achaar. This is the most fulfilling breakfast for most of us and hence preferred.

Parathas, Top 10 Breakfast Foods In India

4) Dosa

Dosa is another breakfast option originating from the southern part of our country. Dosa is another variation of Idli but it is thin and crispy served with sambhar and coconut chutney to enhance its flavours. They are also light to eat with absolutely no fat making it a preferred choice.


5) Aloo Puri

This is a whole meal for many of the north indians, it has a puris which is deep fried and a blend in of aloo curry which has many spices to enhance the flavors. People of North India enjoy it as their breakfast, this is very fulfilling.

Aloo Puri, Top 10 Breakfast Foods In India

6) Upma

This is another dish originating from the southern part of our country. Upma is a dish made with semolina with onions peanuts and many other spices in it to give it an enhanced flavor. This is a very light dish again with no fat so people prefer it more.

Upma, Top 10 Breakfast Foods In India

7) Misal Pav

This is a dish originating from Maharashtra, this has spice and tangy curry served with pav (breads) and topped with crunchy namkeen which is sev, and it makes a delicious breakfast meal for us. This is again a fulfilling meal and preferable for the people of Maharashtra.

Misal Pav, Top 10 Breakfast Foods In India
Misal Pav

8) Medu Vada ( Sambhar Vada )

Another dish originating from South India, this is a doughnut made with fermented rice batter with some spices and deep fried, They are also served with sambhar and coconut chutney mostly and is a very light breakfast option.

 Medu Vada ( Sambhar Vada )
Medu Vada ( Sambhar Vada )

9) Puri Bhaji

This is a breakfast famous in the northern parts of our country, this has deep fried puris and aloo bhaji with it, which is basically a blend of many vegetables and formed into one. This is again a very fulfilling option for many of us.

Puri Bhaji
Puri Bhaji

10) Methi Thepla

The famous Gujarati Breakfast Snack, Methi Thepla is one of the most fulfilling and easy breakfast options. It is made with whole wheat flour, shaped into a roti and topped with methi leaves. It can be eaten with dahi, vegetables and even achaar. This is also long lasting hence you can make it and use it for many days.

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