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Top 10 Iron Rich Foods In India: health benefits.

Top 10 Iron Rich Foods In India: 1) Spinach (Palak), 2) Lentils (Dal), 3) Tofu, 4) Pumpkin Seeds, 5) Sesame Seeds (Till) know more read this post.

Hello friends, iron is one of the most important minerals that helps in the functioning of our body. Iron is also important for the transportation of oxygen and blood in our body and in this hassle full life we have no time to look at the deficiency of it and get ill. In this article, we’ll discuss the Top 10 Iron Rich Foods In India that can easily complete your iron needs for your body. Iron gives us energy and it’s important to take a good amount of it as else we might feel low energy or even fatigue sometimes.

Top 10 Iron Rich Foods In India

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1) Spinach (Palak)

The very famous green vegetable spinach is a great source of Iron and many other minerals. People enjoy it in their vegetables, smoothies, and salads to enhance its flavors. It is mostly consumed during winters.

Spinach (Palak)
Spinach (Palak)

2) Lentils (Dal)

Every Indian Household knows the importance of Dal in our lives, especially in north India dal is a staple food and is served with rotis or rice. There are many different types of deals such as Arhar, Udad, Masoor, etc and they are a very good source of iron and protein.

 Lentils (Dal)
Lentils (Dal)

3) Tofu

Made out of soybeans, Tofu are again a very rich source of Iron and Protein . It can be consumed sauteed, raw, in salads or even in vegetables. They are similar like paneer but have a little different taste.


4) Pumpkin Seeds (kaddu ke been)

These seeds are packed with a lot of iron with a good taste . You can add or sprinkle them on your salads or smoothies to consume it and also raw. They are a very good source of iron which will help you maintain your energy.

 Pumpkin Seeds (kaddu ke been)
Pumpkin Seeds (kaddu ke been)

5) Sesame Seeds (Till)

These are basically used in indian kitchens to give the dishes a good look and garnish it, but one can never guess the amount of iron these seeds contain. They are also added in sauces and chutneys.

Sesame Seeds (Till), Top 10 Iron Rich Foods In India

6) Beans (Rajma)

Everyone’s favorite Rajma is also a good source of iron and protein and helps you maintain your healthy lifestyle. Not only this Protein and fibre are also packed in these beans. We can consume it with different curries and salads.

 Beans (Rajma), Top 10 Iron Rich Foods In India

7) Fenugreek Leaves (methi)

Methi leaves are also a good source for Iron and Protein when it comes to green vegetables. They are also extracted for medical use and also eaten with curries and parathas to add them with rich flavors.

Fenugreek Leaves (methi)

8) Quinoa

Another food that is very famous for its iron contents, they are consumed with salads and soups to top them up with some flavors.

Quinoa, Top 10 Iron Rich Foods In India

9) Beetroot (Chakundar)

As we all know beetroot is an all rounder, it is good for our skin, hair and has a high iron content which makes it a leader. It can be consumed raw and can also added in our meals.

Top 10 Iron Rich Foods In India, Beetroot (Chakundar)
Beetroot (Chakundar)

10) Jaggery (Gur)

Gur is another great source for iron which is famous in our indian kitchens. It is extracted out of sugarcane and is a very good source for iron and other minerals. It can be consumed with desserts, snacks, and other ways.

Jaggery (Gur), Top 10 Iron Rich Foods In India
Jaggery (Gur)

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