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15+ Mythology Questions and Answers

In this article, there will be Mythology Answers to all those questions taken from ‘people also ask’ on Google about Indian Mythology.

In this article, there will be Mythology Questions and Answers to all those questions taken from ‘people also ask’ on Google about Indian Mythology.

Last article, there was information about Hindu Mythology and some facts which is important for our generation to learn about their roots.
It is important to increase your knowledge and you can also clarify all the myths which goes around about Indian Mythology.

15+ Mythology Questions and Answers:

Q. 1. Who is the strongest god in Indian Mythology?

Answer. It is believed Supreme divine power of
Hinduism is Brahma, Vishnu And Shiv. It is
Believed that Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is
The preserver and Shiva is the destroyer.
They are known as the three powerful and
Major gods of the world.

Q. 2. Which is the oldest mythology in India?

Answer. Hindu Mythology is the most oldest mythology
In India out of Greek, Roman and Hindu
Mythology. Hindu Mythology belonged to the
Aryan race and later on became a mix of the
Aryan and the Dravidian race.

Q. 3. What is Indian Mythology called?

Answer. Hindu Mythology also called as Vedic and
Purānic. The supreme deity within Hinduism is
Called Trimurti.

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Q. 4. Who is the father of Lord Shiva?

Answer. The birth of Lord Shiva is not justified. Some
Books consider Lord Shiva is Brahm (Kaal) and
Mother of Lord Shiva Goddess Durga. Some
Fact says that Shiva is eternal and does not
Have any father or mother.

15+ Mythology Questions and Answers
15+ Mythology Questions and Answers

Q. 5. Which Hindu God has 6 arms?

Answer. The God Shiva is often depicted with six arms,
Other gods with many arms include god Vishnu
Depicted with four or more arms, goddess Kali
Is depicted with four arms and goddess Durga is
Often depicted with ten arms.

Q. 6. What is the symbol of Hinduism?

Answer. Om (Aum) is a symbol made up of three
Sanskrit letters A, U and M. All of the major
Mantras start with Aum/Om. It is the most
Important symbol as it is believed to be the
Sound heard at the time of the creation of the

Q. 7. Who is Ram in Hinduism?

Answer. Rama is one of the most widely worshipped
Hindu deities, the embodiment of chivalry and
Virtue. The name is specifically associated with
Ramachandra, the 7th incarnation of Vishnu. His
Story his told in epic stories of Mahabharata
And the Ramayana.

Q. 8. Why does Shiva have a third eye?

Answer. Shiva formed a third eye from which fire
Emerged to recreate light and order, hence
Saving the world from inevitable disaster.

Q. 9. Who is Supreme God?

Answer. Shiva is the supreme god and performs all
Actions of which destructions is only but
One. Shaivites believe that Shiva is the
Supreme, who assumes various roles and
Assume appropriate names and forms.

Q. 10. Who is the founder of Hinduism?

Answer. Hinduism is also known as ‘Sanatana Dharma’
Meaning ‘immemorial way of right living’.
Hinduism is the oldest and most complex of all
Established belief systems, with origins that
Back more than 5000 years in India.

Q. 11. Who are the sons of Brahma?

Answer. The ten lords created being firsts by Brahma :
Marichi, Atri, Angiras, Pulastya, Pulaha, Kratu,
Vasishtha, Daksha, Bhrigu and Narada.

Q. 12. Why Indra has 1000 eyes?

Answer. Indra is cursed to carry his shame in the form of
A thousand vulvae on his body, but the vulvae
Turn into eyes as he bathes into the Gautami.

Q. 13. Who is the Elephant God in Hinduism?

Answer. Ganesha is the known as the remover of
Obstacles and the offspring of Shiva, the Hindu
God of destruction and his consort the goddess
Parvati. Several myths details his birth and
Acquisition of the elephant head.

Q. 14. Who created Rudra?

Answer. The Bhagavata Purana Canto 3 Chapter 3
Mentions that Rudra is born from the anger
Of Lord Brahma.

Q. 15. What means Shakti?

Answer. Shakti means power, energy or force.
Mythologically, Shakti is always described as
Feminine, often personified as the goddess
Devi, the divine feminine consort of the divine
Masculine god Shiva. But at the deepest level,
Shakti transcends gender.

I hope this article was interesting and knowledgeable for you. If you have any queries, about Mythology Questions and Answers drop them in the comments below.

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