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Top 10 Summer Foods in India To Beat This Summer: delicacies and their origin.

Top 10 Summer Foods in India – 1) Aam Panna, 2) Chaas ( Buttermilk ), 3) Gola, 4) Kulfi, 5) Pani Puri, 6) Sattu Drink, 7) Bhel this post to know more.

Hello friends, as we all know summers are all around the corner, and with this we crave for more cold and refreshing drinks to make us feel good and beat the heat. As many of Indian Drinks and Foods are famous, in this article we are going to discuss the Top 10 Summer Foods in India. This may help you find a guide to what you can have this summer to beat the heat and protect your body.

Top 10 Summer Foods in India –

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1) Aam Panna

This is a very popular drink which is originated from North India, mainly from the regions of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. This drink is made out of mangoes blended in spices to enhance the flavor overall. People enjoy it as it and it really helps you in refreshing from the heat.

Aam Panna, Top 10 Summer Foods in India
Aam Panna

2) Chaas ( Buttermilk )

Buttermilk is again a very famous choice for Indians when it comes to summer. This is made out of curd and blended in cumin and salt powder. It also helps in making your body feel more relaxed and fresh on a very tired day.]

Chaas ( Buttermilk ), Top 10 Summer Foods in India
Chaas ( Buttermilk )

3) Gola

Going back to all of our childhoods, gola is a lovable choice for most of the people in summers. They are just ice topped up with many flavoured syrups to make it more delicious. There are many flavors like kala khatta, rose, mango and many many more which you can’t even think of.

Gola, Top 10 Summer Foods in India

4) Kulfi

Kulfi is just another version of ice cream packed up with Indian flavours making your day better. They are made up of milk, saffron and dry fruits all blended together to form this perfect stick of happiness.

Kulfi, Top 10 Summer Foods in India

5) Pani Puri

Golgappe, Puchka, Patashi whatever you call it, but the feeling after you eat it is the same, isn’t it so
They are the most popular summer food and street food on the streets of our country loved by many people. They are served with different kind of waters which are flavorful and packed with lots and lots of refreshments.

 Pani Puri, Top 10 Summer Foods in India
Pani Puri

6) Sattu Drink

All the way from Bihar, Sattu is made with roasted gram flour (besan) mixed with lemon, water and salt. This really helps in increasing the hydration level of our body and is very beneficial too. You might try this if you feel dehydrated during summer.

Sattu Drink
Sattu Drink

7) Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri which is one of the most famous street food, they are roasted rice puffs which is mixed with different types of spices and chutneys to give it a good tangy sweet flavor. They are preferred by people in summer as it gives a refreshment to your body and fulfils your munching.

Bhel Puri
Bhel Puri

8) Mango Shake ( aamras )

Mango shake which is also called as aamras is one of the most famous drinks during the season of summer. They are just a blend of mangoes with milk and some ice cream on top. It is very refreshing and cold which may beat the heat for a while.

Mango Shake ( aamras )
Mango Shake ( aamras ), Top 10 Summer Foods in India

9) Thandai

It is a very famous drink again in the parts of Uttar Pradesh and most of the northern India. It is mixture of refreshing seeds and dry fruits mixed will milk and served cold. They are very famous also because of holi as many people consume it that day with a touch of bhaang.

Thandai, Top 10 Summer Foods in India

10) Sharbats

Sharbats are very popular when we talk about summers. They are flavoured water which gives you instant refreshment and a blast of flavors in your mouth. They come in different flavors like gulab, paan, khas etc to make your summer season better.

Sharbats, Top 10 Summer Foods in India
Sharbats, Top 10 Summer Foods in India

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