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Sadhguru: The famous spiritual leader goes under severe brain surgery.. here are the details.

The current status according to doctors is good and they are expecting a fast recovery in this case. Let's see more insights about this.

Hello friends, recently we got to know that Sadhguru who is a leader in the spiritual line was suffering from severe headaches from the last few weeks which is constantly ignored, but now the situation has become worse and he underwent brain surgery. The current status according to doctors is good and they are expecting a fast recovery in this case. Let’s see more insights about this.

Who Is Sadhguru?

Sadhguru Jagdish Vasudev is the man behind the famous Isha Foundation based in Coimbatore. This ashram was established in 1992 and is famous for its diverse spiritual and yoga practices all over the world. He is also the author of Karma: A Yogi’s Guide to crafting your destiny.


What health issues is Sadhguru facing lately?

Sadhguru underwent a brain surgery after he was examined with his internal bleeding which he ignored from the past few weeks, he was living on the doses of painkillers, etc, and continuously neglected his headaches. The situation worsened and he was rushed to Apollo Hospital on 17th March for the operation.

The excellent doctors team at the hospital included Dr. Pranav Kumar, Dr. Vinit Suri, Dr. S Chatterjee, and Dr. Sudhir Tyagi conducted an emergency operation for him to stop the bleeding in his brain. According to the team, Sadhguru is in his recovery mode and might get well very soon.

Sr Dr Vinit Suri said  “Sadhguru has just faced a life-threatening situation. He had ignored a severe and consistent headache for the last four weeks as he wanted to cater to all his commitments. He even took part in the Mahashivratri programme on March 8. “When the pain went out of control on March 15 evening, he consulted us. We suggested an MRI, but he was reluctant to go for it as he had prior commitments for a meeting. He told me he had never missed a meeting in 40 years. However, we somehow persuaded him.”

All of the doctors were shocked as sadhguru neglected his headaches and health issues for the appointments and his shows including Mahashivratri, But now the conditions are well in their hands.
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