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When Will Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Start In India: here’s everything you need to know.

In this post we will know about Lok Sabha elections are approaching very soon, but When Will Lok Sabha Election 2024 Start In India?

Hello friends, as we all know Lok Sabha elections are approaching very soon, but When Will Lok Sabha Election 2024 Start In India? Because people are all ready to vote for their leading parties and stand them up as the new representatives, every party is showcasing its promises and well being for the people which sometimes confuses people for who to vote?

In this article we are discussing these elections and when will elections start in India.

When Will Election 2024 Start in India?

The lok sabha’s election is announced to be started from April 19 in seven phases – says the Election Commission. All the general elections, by elections and assembly elections will be counted on 4th June.

Phases Of Voting For Elections –

  • Phase 1 – 19th April
  • Phase 2 – 26th April
  • Phase 3 – 7th May
  • Phase 4 – 13th May
  • Phase 5 – 20th May
  • Phase 6 – 25th May
  • Phase 7 – 1st June

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Conference Meeting For The Election

During the meeting, Rajiv Kumar, who is the CEC stated that they have hired two ECs for the conduction, he also added that “After the recent appointment of two ECs, the team is now complete. We are fully prepared for the biggest festival of Indian democracy”.

The CEC says “Celebrating Inclusivity! Growth in voter categories, especially women, youth & PwDs reflects ECI commitment to inclusive rolls. With ~82 lakhs PwDs, 2.2 lakh 100+ & 48k Third gender voters, our rolls reflect a diverse mosaic of electorate,” .

Let’s now get ready to vote for our parties and then wait for the results to get out.
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