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Why my WhatsApp turned green? what should i do?

In this article, there will be information regarding the recent update of Whatsapp. Why my WhatsApp has turned green? and available on IOS?

WhatsApp is an essential app, it is used in our day to day lives for delivery and getting the necessary information. If the app which which is a part of our daily lives, get an update, it’s obvious it will create a chaos among the users. The same has happened with WhatsApp with the new colour update. In this article there will be information regarding the recent update of Whatsapp. Why my WhatsApp has turned green? Why the new update is only available on IOS? And many more, so let’s find out!

Why my WhatsApp has turned green?

Whatsapp users have been left baffled by a redesign that has replaced blue and red icons with green ones.

Why my WhatsApp turned green? what should i do?
Why my WhatsApp turned green? what should i do?

Several users have logged onto the app to see that colour scheme changes and has left them with mixed feelings.

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People are expressing their distaste towards this new colour update on X, with one writing, ‘Who the hell tell WhatsApp that all this green was a good idea?

But this update has only happened with IOS users, which leave all other phone users in confusion, why update didn’t take place with other mobile phones?

My WhatsApp turned green How to Get Back Blue colour

We have got used to using WhatsApp in blue. And we were stunned to see the sudden change of WhatsApp colour from blue to green, why did this happen? And to know the reason, we also searched on Google that my WhatsApp turned green and can we turn it blue again? So the answer is no, because it’s not a theme or setting that we change and go back to using blue.

Why has WhatsApp chosen green as the new colour?

The new colour of WhatsApp has baffled all the users, let’s find out the reason behind this update.
Whatshapp has turned green as per the result of a widespread update to ‘bring a modern, new experience to Whatsapp’ and ‘make it more accessible and easier to use’, as said by Meta.
So far only iPhone users have faced this update and soon other android users will also be able to access this update.

WhatsApp has not only change colour from blue to green, but has also changed the appearance of some of it’s icons and buttons on iPhone, there’s also been more space added in between various in-app buttons to promote easier accessibility.

Will Android users get the same update?

For android users, the icon was already green but the exact shade will also change, although it will be less noticeable.

WhatsApp has also planned more updates, which will be soon available, such as Whatshapp planning on making the dark mode more darker and add more white space to light mode for easier reading, also the WhatsApp logo will now appear on top of the chats tab.

I hope this article was interesting and knowledgeable, for more such articles and the latest updates…. Keep reading!

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