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How to Order Online Free Ram Mandir First Day Prasad from Khadi Organic

After reading this post you will successfully order How to Order Online Free Ram Mandir First Day Prasad from Khadi Organic.

Hello friends, as we all know the inauguration of Ram Mandir echoes in the whole country. Every single citizen of India is excited and happy about this event. Though many of us have already booked our visit to Ayodhya some did not get a chance to visit and take the blessings from lord ram. Believing that every person is equal to god, the government of India has announced free prasad distribution for all states.. ensuring everyone gets the blessings.

What Is Prasad According to Hindu

Prasad in Hinduism refers to offerings made to a deity during worship, later distributed to devotees as blessings. Prasad in the Ram Temple is usually sacred items like flowers, fruits, and sweets offered to Lord Rama in religious ceremonies.

The ideology of Free Prasad

The idea of ​​free Ram Mandir Prasad stemmed from the desire to make the religious experience available to all irrespective of financial constraints. Many initiatives and charities related to the Ram Mandir have taken up the noble task of distributing free prasad.

Why Khadi Organic Website BANNED, Ram Mandir Prasad Order Tracking, ₹51 Money Back?

How to Order Online Free Ram Mandir First Day Prasad

let’s have a detailed look at how to order this prasad to your doorsteps that also free.

  1. Visit the ‘Khadi Organic’ Website
  2. Book Your Boxes
  3. Order Summary
  4. Order Confirmation
  5. Receiving the Prasad
After reading this post you will successfully order How to Order Online Free Ram Mandir First Day Prasad from Khadi Organic.

1. Visit the ‘Khadi Organic’ Website

Type “khadiorganic.com” on google, you’ll be reached to a website of khadi organic.

Khadi Organic Prasad

There you can find RAM MANDIR PRASAD Button Get Your Free Prasad.

Free Ram Mandir Prasad

2. Book Your Boxes

They’ll ask you the number of boxes you want to be delivered. Make sure you order only needed number of boxes. You can add them by clicking on +1 , now proceed to add in cart/ buy it now.

Ram Mandir Prasad Order

3. Order Summary

Once you are done booking your slot, the site will redirect you to a billing page.

Khadi Organic Ram Mandir Prasad

There you have to put basic details like contact number, and choose if you want your prasad doorstep or Free Prasad you can collect it from a nearby distribution center.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir Prasad Online

Put on the address if you choose the doorstep option. and if you’re choosing nearby distribution center please select the appropriate center
( a minimal charge of 51 INR is to be given for doorstep Delivery)

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4. Order Confirmation

Once you are done with the formalities click on complete order. You’ll then receive a notification for the same on your text message.

khadi organic prasad fake or real

5. Receiving the Prasad

People can receive the prasad from 22nd January and rest will be notified on text messages

This great initiative by the government has made it easy for people those who are not able to visit Ayodhya and ensure the blessings of lord ram in every Indian household.

Khadi Organic Prasad Fake or Real

Many people are still in confusion whether this is fake or real.
So as mentioned above its been distributed on Khadi website which is government-affiliated and this scheme is set up by the government itself. so don’t worry it’s not fake you can order Prasad directly to your doorstep.


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