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How to Order Ram Mandir Free Prasad ‘Get Your FREE Prasad’ Not Showing

Ram Mandir Prasad: Not Available Anymore. Know What Exactly the Matter Is? – Saying this khadi organic stopped the Ram Mandir Free Prasad campaign. That is why the option of Get Your FREE Prasad is not showing to you.

hello friends, if you’re one who was not able to visit Ayodhya on Ram mandir inauguration but wanted to get its free Prasad by Khadi India. They started this unique scheme, where they were sending prasad from the gates of Ram mandir to each devotee. According to their scheme, if can choose between either you want to deliver it to your home or you can pick it up from a nearby distribution center. Let us know why there is no more availability for the Prasad why the option for free Prasad is not been shown up and when will you receive your Prasad. Also, we’ll answer most asked questions from the public regarding the same.

Get Your FREE Prasad Latest Update

As you all knew that Khadi Organic website was claiming that I would like to inform you all about Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha which has happened on 22nd January. His Prasad will be delivered to all of you absolutely free and for that you all were searching for the link of “Get Your Free Prasad”.

But let me tell you that this website was completely scanned and was fake. Which has been closed forever in the Delhi High Court, let me tell you further that no refund has been given till now to all the people who had ordered Prasad from this website.

I am saying this because no such update has come anywhere and no notice has been issued. That we have refunded all the people from whom we had taken money, rest of you all stay tuned to this website, as soon as any update comes, we will reach you all.

Khadi Organic Prasad ‘Get Your Free Prasad’ Now Showing & Why Stoped

When Will You Receive Your Ram Mandir Prasad

As we know the Pran Pratishtha is announced on 22nd Jan 2024 and all the distributions will be gathered from there only, as it’s directly the prasad of Ram Mandir and lord Rama, which we’ll be receiving, it will go out for delivery on 22nd itself and you can expect your order to be reached by 30/31st January or 1 February maximum.

How to Order Ram Mandir Prasad as There Is No More Availability.??

Media being the cruel thing sometimes always gives hate to people that they don’t deserve, everyone called the scheme a fake and a scam that resulted in limiting the orders to 20lakhs, The owner of Khadi Organic said, why waste money on people when they’re not caring for it. It was always for charity and not scams but people didn’t want it. So now only the orders that were passed earlier can be delivered, and no more orders can be placed on the site.

How to Order Ram Mandir Free Prasad 'Get Your FREE Prasad' Not Showing

How to Track Your Ram Mandir Prasad Order ????

As we all know we get the tracking link after the shipment is passed, but in this case the order which is our prasad will be passed on the 22nd after the Pran Pratishtha so once the order is on the way you’ll get notifications by Khadi Organic to track once it’s shipped to the delivery partner.

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There Is No Confirmation for the Order.

As we have tested it by ourselves, once you order, you get an email and then a text message, but in case you haven’t received any of it yet, you can go to the website and track your order, if your tracking is shown then its a confirmed order.

Why is ‘Get Your FREE Prasad‘ Not Showing on the website

Right now, if you go to the website khadi organic .com which provides Ram Mandir Prasad, you will not be shown the option of ‘Get Your FREE Prasad‘ to place a new order.

This is happening because the Khadi organic website has announced this on Twitter and its official website and told its Ram devotees that

“We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused. Due to overwhelming demand, we’re temporarily pausing new orders for our prasad starting 5 AM tomorrow January 14th, 2024. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.”

Saying this he stopped the Ram Mandir Free Prasad campaign. That is why the option of Get Your FREE Prasad is not showing to you. That is why the option of Get Your Free Prasad is not showing to all of you.

We hope, that your concerns are understood and answered, we’ll keep you updated as soon as possible, till then stay tuned.

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