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Khadi Organic Refund, Prasad Free Home Delivery, Unboxing, when will you get Refund, here are all the details.

After reading this article you'll get all the answers about Khadi Organic Refund, Prasad Free Home Delivery, Unboxing, and everything.

Hello friends, the recent issue on Khadi Organic “free prasad” is going viral. People are continuously seeking answers about when will they get their refunds. and what is the status of it? We are here with all the detailed information for you. This article includes every detail you need to know if you’re also one of those who booked the Prasad of Ram Mandir and got scammed. After reading this article you’ll get a clear picture of what is happening and what can you do now to get a Khadi Organic Refund.

In this post, I have shared everything related to Khadi Organic Prasad how you will get Khadi Organic Refund, How to Do Tracking, and also provide a direct link to the Refund Form.

Khadi Organic Prasad Tracking

Ram Mandir Prasad Home Delivery, To check where your order is now, or to track the order you have placed, you will have to visit the official website of Khadi Organic, but when you visit this website. you will see that this website has been completely shut down. Here you will see only one notice and from here you will not be able to track any of your orders. Why? because the Delhi High Court ordered to close this website completely.

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Khadi Organic Prasad Unboxing

After the consecration of Ram Temple, all of you were expecting that we would get the Prasad for the inauguration of Ram Temple sitting at home and you were eagerly waiting for the Prasad to be unboxed, but we are very sad to tell you. The website that committed all of us to deliver prasad by charging Rs 51 will no longer be able to reach you, as the Delhi High Court has banned Khadi Organic permanently by saying it was not an authorized website and has no link with the Khadi India which is original website handled by the government, also claimed this website to be a scam.

Khadi Organic Refund, Prasad Free Home Delivery, Unboxing, when will you get Refund, here are all the details.
Khadi Organic Refund, Prasad Free Home Delivery, Unboxing, when will you get Refund, here are all the details.

How This Khadi Organic Scam Happened ??

“Khadi Organic” which was an illegal website and was not verified by the government has scammed thousands of people with their free Prasad scam. The biggest question that arises is “How did the scam happen”.

The answer to this question is very simple, the owner of Khadi Organic posts pictures online with ministers including Yogi Adityanath. People after seeing these pictures believed that it might be a tie-up with the authorities and booked their prasads. The rest of the people believed in the social media influencer who were paid to promote the website, many people who followed them believed the news and ordered their prasad on the website of Khadi Organic.

How Will You Get Your ₹51 Refunds From Khadi Organics ??

So previously, Khadi Organic posted a picture on their website apologizing for the inconvenience, after that they shared a refund link, where you’re supposed to put all your details and you might get the refund back. Now here’s the main thing to be understood, the way they scammed is out of 20 lakhs orders they got, mostly prepaid.

Now when they’re asking to fill up the form most people will either not receive the form or they’ll not fill it because of reasons. Just imagine the money they’ll get from this scam. The handle of Khadi Organics on all platforms like YouTube, Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is down. No one can contact the company and we have no updates on where even is the owner.

Note: Please don’t fill out any type of form as they can use your details anywhere.

Khadi Organic Refund Form

To get a refund of Rs 51 from Khadi Organic Prasad, you will have to fill out and submit the Google form released by Khadi Organic, after that your money will be refunded.

But just like Prasad was not received, who knows, this form may also be a kind of scam. So fill in the details thoughtfully.

How To Take Your Refund From Khadi Organic

To take a refund from the scam website Khadi Organic, as you can see on the website a notice is showing up that says we’ll return your money if you send an email to the given ID which is:

There’s no assurance of whether you’ll get any reply or not, if you don’t get any reply just think you gave it in the name of Ram Mandir and the scammer who did this scam using the name of Lord Ram surely will get back a good lesson.

What Can You Do Now?

As we all know we are left with nothing, even filling out the refund form isn’t safe. You can though file a complaint against the company in the cybercrime department at
after filling up the case you’ll be called up at your nearest police station for some investigation.

How To File A Complaint Against Khadi Organic com

If you’re someone who has also trapped in this fraud here are the steps you can follow to do so.

1) go to Google and type in the browser.
2) once you open the website, on the homepage you’ll find a file a complaint option.. go to that.
3) you have to accept some terms and conditions on the page.
4) then go to report on a case option further in the website.
5) select the citizen log in option and go to the page further and add your required details like name, address, etc.. whatever asked there.
6) Then, you’ll receive an OTP on your number for verification, confirm that and fill your captcha.
7) Write the report by adding the complaint against Khadi Organic and answer the asked questions.
8) The form is divided into 4 parts mainly, General, Victim, Cybercrime, and Preview information. Fill in the respective details in the required field.
9) Now you can submit the information by clicking on the submit button, after that, you will have to wait for a confirmation by a call or a text.

Update over Khadi prasad order ?

As we all know that khadi organics was termed as fraud by the high court and they haven’t sent any orders to any of there customers, though they have promised to pay you back your amounts but only after you follow the proper procedure for the issue of your refund. Khadi Organics which made people trust them by posting photos with dignitaries and took specific amount from people who wanted the delivery at there doorstep. They did a fraud by not sending any of the order on time after making promises to people to do so.

We hope you found this article helpful, for more such informative content stay tuned.

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