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KFC opened in Ayodhya… but will only… here’s the real news….

In this article we'll study about KFC opened in Ayodhya and What Is KFC? What is it Famous for? Where is it opened in Ayodhya? Vegetarian.

Hello readers, as we all know Ayodhya is the most trending and visited place in India. Being the reason of Ram Janmbhoomi where the new Ram Mandir is constructed. Many hospitality and companies like Domino’s, OYO, McDonald’s and many others are opened in the city for the tourists and the local people, but the most shocking news is KFC which is known for it’s chicken meals and non veg serves is also opened in the sacred city…. In this article we’ll study about the KFC opened in Ayodhya see the real news.

What Is KFC? What is it Famous for? Where is it opened in Ayodhya?

KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a US based food franchise which is famous for its specialty in non-veg food all over the world. Recently, a branch of which is opened in Ayodhya which is shocking people very badly.
Though it has just passed the permission, the process of the opening is continued.
Let’s see what repercussions for this KFC franchise in the sacred city Ayodhya.

Vegetarian KFC Ayodhya… know what it means…

Though the administration of Ayodhya has allowed KFC to be set up in Ayodhya.. but the twist here is.. within 15 km of the Ram Mandir that is Panch Kosi Marg the any of the food companies including KFC, Dominos etc are not allowed to sell Non Veg items and can only sell vegetarian items as that area is strictly prohibited from non veg and alcohol.

KFC opened in Ayodhya
KFC opened in Ayodhya

Why this step is taken?

As to respect the auspicious location the authorities has taken up this step to maintain a dignity and responsibility. Neither Non veg nor alcohol is allowed in the premises.
Proper investigation will be set up in that area to make sure that no one uses these restricted items and sell that.

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