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Farmer’s protest leads to internet shutdown in Haryana.

In this post will be information and updates regarding the recent shutdown of internet in Haryana. Why Internet is not working in Haryana?

In this article, there will be information and updates regarding the recent shutdown of internet in Haryana. Why Internet is not working in Haryana? When will the internet services start in Haryana? Why farmers are protesting in Haryana? so let’s find out!

Why Internet is ban in Haryana ?

Around 200 farmers unions have called for ‘Delhi Chalo’ march from Haryana on 13th february to convince the Central government to accept several demands.
In accordance to this protest, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, led Haryana government to announce the suspension of internet services from Saturday 10th February till 13th of February. The notification which was announced by the Haryana government, bulk SMS and all dongle services provided on mobile networks will remain suspended, except voice calls.
Ambala, Kurukshetra, Kaithal, Jind, Hisar, Fatehabad, and Sirsa, in these districts internet services will remain suspended.

When will the internet services start in Haryana?

The order which was issued by the Haryana Government stated that the Internet services will remain suspended from 11th February 6 am till 13th February 23:59 pm.
Ahead of the protest on 13th February, the government has also sealed the state’s border with Punjab in Ambala and also made some elaborated arrangements on Harayana borders, urged the traffic advisory to limit the travel from main roads, only if it’s urgent on 13th February.

Farmer’s protest leads to internet shutdown in Haryana.

This suspension decision was taken in order to stop the spread of misinformation and rumours through various social media platforms and also to prevent the disturbance of law & order. Another reason for taking these precautions beforehand was to prevent the damage of public and private property, annoyance and agitation, and disturbance of peace and tranquility in these districts.

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Why Farmers are protesting in Haryana?

The main question arises, to why farmers are protesting in Haryana, for which early precautions were taken. Orders were issued by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar for Haryana government to prepare barricades, iron nails, suspension of internet and bulk SMS services and also heavy police deployment to block the farmers from the protest.

It seems like a possible repeat of the 2020 farmer’s protest against implementation of MSP( minimum support price), as this time also farmers are planning to march the protest as ‘Delhi Chalo’ to urge the Central government to accept their various demands.

More than 200 farmer unions are expected to begin the march on 13th February for

  • Enactment of a law which guarantees a minimum support price(MSP) for crops.
  • Implementation of Swaminathan Commission’s recommendations.
  • Pension for farmers and farm labourers
  • Farm debt waiver
  • Withdrawl of police cases
  • Justice for victims of Lakhmipur Kheri violence.

The farmers leaders also said the central government has assured them of a second round of meeting soon but the farmers are also determined on their ‘Delhi Chalo’ march. The ministers have also invited the farm union leader for a meeting in Chandigarh on 12th February, a day before the march.

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