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Hookah Is Banned In Karnataka, Is Hookah Banned In Bangalore, Who initiated the ban & Why

In this news, we covered why Hookah Is Banned In Karnataka, Is also Hookah Banned In Bangalore, Who initiated the ban & reasons for the ban.

In this article, there will be updates regarding the recent ban on hookah in Karnataka. Why hookah is banned in Karnataka? Who initiated the ban? Is hookah banned in Bangalore also? …. Let’s find out!

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Why Hookah is banned in Karnataka? Reason for the Ban.

On Wednesday, 7th February, the Karnataka government imposed an immediate ban on both tobacco and non-tobacco hookah in all public places.
The maine viewpoint of banning the sale and consumption of hookah is protecting ‘public health’.

Why Hookah is banned in Karnataka? Reason for the Ban.
Why Hookah is banned in Karnataka? Reason for the Ban.

The Karnataka government stated the reasons for the ban:

  • Due to violations of fire control and fire safety laws in hookah bars.
  • The consumption of hookah also spreads diseases like Hepatitis B, Herpes, Tuberculosis, COVID-19, and other mouth related diseases.
  • Over consumption of tobacco hookah can also be the reason for Cancer.
  • The studies also pointed out that 45 minutes of smoking hookah is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes, which is more harmful to health.
  • The main reason which prompted this ban from the Karnataka Government because of a fire accident at a hookah bar in Koramangala last year. The bar did not comply with the regulations of the fire and safety department.
  • Consumption of hookah in hotels, restaurants and bars makes food items harmful for public consumption and may affect public health.

Who initiated the ban on hookah? and what actions will taken for violations?

Karnataka Health Department’s Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao announced this ban on 7th February, Wednesday, giving out a notification banning the consumption and sales of hookah throughout the state.
The department also stated that WHO’s Youth Tobacco Survey 2019, stated that, it was found nearly one-fifth of students aged between 13-15 have consumed tobacco in some kind of form.
This ban is under the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA). Violations regarding this ban will be booked under COTPA, the Child Care and Protection Act, the Food Safety and Quality Act, and the Fire Control and Protection Act.

Is hookah also banned in Bangalore?

The ban on hookah in Karnataka has also affected its capital city Bengaluru. Bengaluru has a proactive action regarding this and has banned consumption and sales of hookah in the city.

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