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Why Khadi Organic Website BANNED, Ram Mandir Prasad Order Tracking, ₹51 Money Back?

Khadi Organic Ram Mandir Free Prasad Delivery website Banned on 22 January: Delhi Hc Bans the Website Saying It’s Illegally Selling the “Ram Mandir Prasad”

The Delhi High Court has banned a website for illegally using the name “Khadi Organic” and its website was openly promoted as a “national website for selling Ayodhya Ram temple offerings” on platforms like Instagram. But every one of you wants to know, what was the reason why the Delhi High Court banned Khadi Organic Website. Let us know in detail.

Why Is The “Khadi Organics” Website Banned?

“The 2nd defendant (the owners of the website) seems to be trying to achieve the dedication process only through the religious beliefs and devotion of the people, the 2nd defendant, his capturing the goodwill of the petitioner ( Khadi India),” Justice Sanjeev Narula said in a January 18 order.

According to a notification hidden on the homepage of the “Khadi Organic” website, the public who want to avail of the free “Ram Mandir Prasad” can apply by filling out the form provided on the website. For home deliveries, a fee of ₹51 is required for Indian customers and $11 for foreign customers.

The court noted the fact that many customers had posted videos and reels on Instagram mentioning the defendant Ashish Singh, who had put up a fraudulent “Khadi Organic” brand, a free ‘prasad’ service.

“It appears that Defendants No. 1 and 2 (owners of the website) are attempting to monopolize the consecration event by preying on the public’s religious beliefs and devotion and deceiving them into transferring money to Defendants No. 1 and 2, using the Plaintiff’s (Khadi India) goodwill,” Justice Sanjeev Narula passed an order on January 18.

They Gave No Tracking Receipt to the Customers.

According to the customers, they were not provided with any invoice or tracking receipt. Though they paid the amounts to the company, no such confirmation was given. To subtle all the allegations being on the website, the owner Mr Singh, came live on YouTube from the “Khadi Organics” channel, saying they’re not fake and Q&A session at 11:00 AM.
Here he clarified that it was a private project and not managed by the Sri Rama Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust. As of January 14, it had received about 2 lakh orders, Mr. Singh added.

On the other hand, Khadi India said it has spotted a reel posted on Instagram advertising the website “” to distribute free ‘prasad’ for the Prana Pratishtha ceremony scheduled to be held on January 22, 2016. Shri Ram Temple is located in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh.

Shwetashree Majumdar, who presided over it for Khadi India, said the Khadi and Village Industries Commission is a statutory body established under the Khadi and Village Industries Commission Act, 1956 for the promotion and development of textiles.

Mr. Majumder said Khadi India adopted the trademark “Khadi” on September 25, 1956, and has since continued to use the same for its products

Taking note of the submission, Justice Narela held that the defendants had no right to misuse the registered mark of Khadi India ‘Khadi’ and give a false impression that it was with Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust that organized the dedication ceremony is connected.

Will You Get Your ₹51 Money Back?

so as the case is investigated in court, they might refund your money soon, the court hasn’t cleared when you will get your money back, but surely they’ll release a verdict for the same, and as soon as we receive the information, we’ll update you.

Final Order of the Court Regarding Website

The court ordered the operation of the domain name “” to be suspended and the status quo regarding the ownership of the domain name to be maintained until a new one is established.

Mr. Singh and any person acting on his behalf were prohibited from manufacturing, selling, selling, exporting and directly or indirectly advertising any goods and services under the mark “Khadi Organic”; brand.

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Khadi Organic Official Message on Website Ban

This is the message from the Khadi Organic Website below :

Khadi Organic Official Message on Website Ban

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