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Where Is Virat Kohli Now? Will Virat Kohli Play 3rd Test? here’s the real news…

in this article where is Virat Kohli now? Will Virat Kohli play 3rd test? AB de Villiers social media comment. here's the real news…

hello readers, In the recent news we got to know that Virat Kohli who’s famous for his being a national cricket player and a good ex team captain will not be playing the 3rd Test match.. let’s understand in this article where is Virat Kohli now. Will Virat Kohli play 3rd test? AB de Villiers social media comment. This post holds the real news for you and keeps you updated on the recent happenings around you.

Where Is Virat Kohli Now?

AB de Villiers who is Virat Kohli’s very good friend, shared on social media that he virat kohli is now spending time with his family and for the upcoming baby of his and Anushka’s.
“All I know is he is fine. He is spending a bit of time with his family, that is the reason he is missing the first two Test matches. I am not going to confirm anything else. I cannot wait to see him back. He is fine, he is doing well,”

“Yes, his second child is on the way. It’s family time and things are important to him… I think most people’s priority is family. You can’t judge Virat for that. He has made absolutely the right decision.”
The cricketer said this in a video.

Where Is Virat Kohli Now?
Where Is Virat Kohli Now?

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Will Virat Kohli Play 3rd Test?

“The BCCI has time and again made it clear that when it comes to family matters, it stands firmly behind the cricketer, and it will be Virat’s call when he is ready to make a comeback. As of now, it looks unlikely that he will play in the series,” reports reported during a meet.

As per the reports, Virat is not playing the 3rd ODI test matches as he chooses family first. BCCI said that the decision is totally in his hands when he wishes to come back, also the final call for whether he’ll play in finals or not is still pending.

Virat Kohli Puma Deal….Is he leaving Puma’s association???

In recent news, we also got to know that Virat Kohli who has been in association with Puma since 2017, is going to end Virat Kohli Puma deal because of the same reasons,
But let us clear to you that this news is just fake news and continue the association with Puma.

Virat has helped Puma in making a big brand company and he reportedly valued it at 110 crores. While he was indulged in the company, it experienced massive growth and became one of the leading sports company in the Indian market.

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