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GokulPuri Metro Station Collapse: news today, DMRC, GokulPuri Riots…. here’s the real news.

Now many of you might think that What is DMRC? GokulPuri metro station? let's understand about GokulPuri Metro Station Collapse in detail.

Hello readers, In a recent news we got to know that A metro in Delhi collapsed today morning which is located on the pink line… in north eastern region of Delhi. This incident resulted in number of injuries and death. This incident happened around 11 AM today morning and the boundary wall fell apart on the road which is officially noted by the police. Now many of you might think that What is DMRC? GokulPuri metro station? let’s understand about GokulPuri Metro Station Collapse in detail with see what the real news..

What Is DMRC?

DMRC stands for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. This is a corporation for the Delhi metro system development. It connects the metros of our capital city to make travel easy and efficient. This is a public sector setup for easy and fast travel by the government of India and the Government of Delhi in May 1995.

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GokulPuri metro station collapse? here’s the full and the real news.

Today, GokulPuri metro station collapsed with 3 injured and 1 dead. A line from the station on the eastern side got collapsed on the road which caused a death to 53 year old man Vinod Kumar from Karawal Nagar and injured 3 people who were riding the vehicles are also injured who are currently receiving medical care at GTB hospital in Dilshad Garden.

GokulPuri Metro Station Collapse
GokulPuri Metro Station Collapse

Gokulpuri Metro News Today Recent Update

DCP Joy Terkey said, “Four people were injured while one person was trapped under the debris and was grievously injured while others sustained minor injuries,”

The pink line which extends from Majlis Park and Shiv Vihar metro station.

The hanging slab has now been removed by the authorities and the metro station is currently temporarily closed.

The team is working on the matter and will look out a solution soon. Also, the DMRC has announced a compensation pay to the family of Vinod Kumar Rs 25 Lakhs and the other injured 1-5 lakhs and 50,000 for minor injured people.

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