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PM Modi Enjoys With “Punganur Cute Cows” on Makar Sankranti: Know What Is It About.

A recent post from PM Modi is going viral where PM Modi Enjoys “Punganur Cute Cows” on Makar Sankranti: Know What Is It About.

Hello friends, a recent post from PM Modi is going viral where he is seen celebrating Makar Sankranti which is also the harvest festival with some cute cows, which people are very keen to know about and they’re overly whelmed by the cuteness of these cows and want to know where they’re from and what is the moto behind serving these cows.
So, firstly these cows are known as Punganur cows and are also considered goldmine. Read this article to know more about these cows and the moto behind all these.

PM Modi was seen celebrating the festival of harvest, that is Makar Sankranti at his residence, in New Delhi. He posted photos where he was feeding the cute cows, people were amazed to see them and some of them even refused to believe that they were from India. and is an Indian breed of cow. He was also trying to spread some message by this act.
According to him, Gau seva is also an integral part of his 11-day ritual of Pran Pratishtha. Everyone should perform this religious act.

After seeing the cow’s cute face, short tales, and short horns, people were found asking a few questions, about where the cows were. and they have never seen these cows before. As we have never seen these cows before, that’s the reason why he shared these pictures on social media.
These Punganur Cows are from Andhra Pradesh and are the smallest cows spotted ever but besides their physical appearance, they produce highly nutritious milk. They are mostly found in a villages in Andhra Pradesh. Also, they’re extinct in number now and are left only some thousands in number.

PM Modi Enjoys With Punganur Cute Cows on Makar Sankranti Know What Is It About

PM Modi, following our historical and religious beliefs that cows are “mata” mothers to us and one is supposed to feed and respect them. He being the ideal of every follower, explains to people the respect and care they’re supposed to show towards cows.

Punganur Cows and Their Nutritious Milk

The Punganur tribe belongs to the city of Punganur in southern Andhra Pradesh, hence the name of the tribe.
Punganur cattle are exceptional for their size. The Punganur breed of bulls reaches 70-90 cm in length and weighs around 200 kg.
There are YouTube videos of Punganur cows in cottages and houses. Some of the little cows even show up sharing beds with people.

The “cuteness” of the cows is attributed to their appearance, their bodies slope down from front to back, they a small shells, long, thin tails that barely touch the ground, and small, thin, slightly curved horn
The milk of this breed is known to be nutritious and contains 8% fat compared to 3-4% fat in other native breeds.

Punganur Cow Milk per Day

The milk yield of the Punganur cow is about 3 to 5 liters per day, and the daily feed intake is 5 kg. It is highly drought-resistant and can survive in dry times.

Reason Behind Them Being Called “ Goldmine ”

The problem began when farmers began cross-breeding Punganur cows with other breeds of cattle indiscriminately to increase milk yield.

In the 20th Livestock Census, 2012, 13,275 Punganur cattle were recorded in India, of which 2,772 were recorded in 2013.

The Andhra Pradesh government’s ‘Mission Punganur’, 2020 has allocated Rs 693.60 crore for caste conservation.

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Punganur Cow Price

A Punganur cow costs between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 10 lakh, depending on its age and yield. According to a report in The Hindu in 2020, the urine of a Punganur cow was sold for Rs 10 per liter, and its dung at Rs 5 per kg. It is sprayed on crops as an insecticide, due to its antibacterial properties.

Apart from its economy and indigenous values, cattle are worshiped as a ‘gold mine’ in the region. Many of them are used for social and religious ceremonies in local churches. Once a patron of the Vijayanagar kings, this very tribe has long been associated with wealth and prosperity.

Despite the awards, the bulls were once on the verge of extinction.

PM Modi not only celebrated the harvest with cattle but also suggested that India needs to nurture native species so that the country can become self-sufficient in dairy sustainability.

We hope you found this article helpful, for more such content stay tuned.

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