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How to register for JAMB 2024? How to Apply for This Examination

After reading this article you'll get all the specific details you wish for How to register for JAMB 2024 & Requirements for the Examination.

Hello friends, all the competitive exams are about to approach and one of them is JAMB 2024, students here have all the information covered about the exam. After reading this article you’ll get all the specific details you wish for How to register for JAMB 2024.

What Is Jamb?

JAMB is the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board, conducted by the Nigerian government agency UTME, and direct entry exams for students who want to seek admission in any of the institutions. Here, UTME is for senior secondary students and DE is for diploma students.

Requirements for the Examination

  1. National Identification Number (NIN)
  2. JAMB profile code
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email Number
  5. O level / A level result
  6. JAMB ePIN
  7. Biodata
How to register for JAMB 2024

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1. National Identification Number (NIN)

An 11-digit number, identifying you as a Nigerian. You can get it through the NIMC center or app. This is important to create a profile on JAMB

2. JAMB profile code

A 10-digit code after you send your NIN to 55019 or 66019 as a text message. You’ll need this to purchase your JAMB Epin and complete registration at the CBT center. It can cost you around N50.

3. Phone Number

You need a valid and working phone number to create a JAMB profile and receive important updates. One is supposed to use one phone number throughout the admission process.

4. Email Number

You need a valid email ID to create a JAMB profile and access to JAMB portal. One should use the same email ID during the admission process.

5. O level / A level result

Before registering to JAMB, you need either a certificate of O level or A level. And is to be uploaded before the examination process.


You need a JAMB ePin that is required for any authorized channel. You’ll be costed around N5200 including EPin, exam fees, mock test, and registration fees.

7. Biodata

You need to provide your basic information to register for the exam, that is your name, address, dob, gender, and locality. To verify your and your signatures.

These were the basic requirements you’ll need to appear and register for this exam. Now let’s move on to How to register for JAMB 2024.

How to Apply for This Examination

1) generate your NIN which can be obtained through the NIMC center or app. It is needed to create your job profile and register for the exam

2) create your JAMB profile on the portal using your NIN, email address, and valid phone number. Then you’ll receive a confirmation code which will help you verify further.

3) Purchase the JAMB Epin from any authorized channel such as banks, online platforms, etc. It might cost you around N3500 and is valid for registration. After this, you have to pay N700 to the CBT center for registration and N1500 for the mains. extra N1500 in case you want the mock test.

4) After all this, visit any JAMB center near you with EPin and other required documents like a photograph, biometric verification, and level certificate if possible. You’ll be given a form to submit, choose your preferred time and date for the exam.

5) After this process, you’ll be given a printout of your credentials and CD which will contain the syllabus and e brochure.

6) Prepare for your exam by revising the syllabus and the Previous year’s question papers you can also revise through the app of CBT.

7) Get a print of your exam slip from the CBT portal and email address 7 days before the examination, it’ll have your correct date and time of the exam and the exam center.

8) Arrive 30 minutes before the exam center on the examination day and bring your NIN slip, face mask, and writing essentials. Any malpractice is not entertained

9) Check on your result after the exam on the JAMB portal or via SMS by sending RESULT to 55019 from your registered mobile number.

This was a step-by-step guide for your exam, and also for How to register for JAMB 2024. for more updates like this stay tuned.

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