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Gyanvapi Mosque Case Latest News Today, Where Is Gyanvapi Mandir, History, Mosque, and more.

In this article, we will know current controversy about Gyanvapi Mosque case Latest News Today, Where Is Gyanvapi Mandir, History and more.

In this article, there will be some insights into the current controversy about Gyanvapi Mosque, and What is Gyanvapi Mosque Case Latest News Today so let’s find out.

Where Is Gyanvapi Mosque Located

Gyanvapi mosque is located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

History of Gyanvapi Mandir to Becoming Gyanvapi Mosque

It was constructed by Aurangzeb in 1669 upon the demolition of the old Shiva temple.
Before the development of the mosque, the site had a Vishweshwar temple devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple contributed to the establishment of Benaras. The legal dates back to 1991, when the petition was filed in Varanasi, seeking the restoration of Gyanvapiland back to Kashi Vishwanath temple. The claim was made that the mosque was constructed on a part of the temple that was torn by Aurangzeb in the 16th century. Since then the dispute has not been resolved yet, evoking cultural disputes between both Hindus and Muslims

ASI Gets Gyanvapi Mosque Case To Trace Old Findings Of Mandir

In 2019, lawyer Vijay Shankar Rastogi filed a petition after the Babri Masjid » Ram Janma Bhoomi dispute. The court directed The ASI also known as the Archaeological Survey of India a green light to conduct a scientific survey, sparking a series of legal actions.
The Gyanpavi Masjhid case continues to unfold as a complicated legal battle between both religions and deep historical issues.
The recent decision by the Varanasi court for scientific investigation, initiated in August 2023 for the reports might have some transparency for the issue.

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Gyanvapi Mosque Case Latest News Today

On December 18th, The ASI handed over the final reports and survey findings regarding the research on Gyanvapi mosque to the Varanasi court and this week the case took a fresh turn and the report was made public by the ASI under the court’s orders to provide copies for both sides.
Advocate Vishnu Shankar Jain, presents the Hindu side.
He says that ‘ The ASI report said that there existed a large Hindi temple before the construction of the existing structure’.

Further, he explained the report suggests that the temple was destroyed to construct the mosque.
He also told reporters ‘All the objects which were discovered were documented. No damages were caused to the structure. Based on scientific study, there is the use of pillars of the previous structure (temple) in the existing structure (mosque)’

Hence the parts of the pre-existing temple
were reused in the construction of the mosque.
It can also be seen clearly in the image below

Gyanvapi Mosque Case Latest News Today, Where Is Gyanvapi Mandir, History, Mosque, and more.
Gyanvapi Mosque Case Latest News Today, Where Is Gyanvapi Mandir, History, Mosque, and more.

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