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Woman Asks Divorce When Husband Booked Ayodhya Tickets Instead Of Goa for Honeymoon: here’s what happened in detail.

Husband booked tickets for Ayodhya instead of Goa...let's read about this Goa Honeymoon Ayodhya Divorce news in detail in this article.

Hello Friends, as we all know Ayodhya is the most happening place all over India right now. Devotees from all over the world are coming to seek lord Ram’s blessings. Recently, a woman asked for a divorce after her husband booked tickets for Ayodhya and Varanasi instead of Goa and any other fancy city. Isn’t it shocking, let’s read about this Goa Honeymoon Ayodhya Divorce news in detail in this article.

What Happened With The Bhopal’s Couple?

A couple from Bhopal, Uttar Pradesh gets in a massive fight after coming back from their trip on 19th January 2024. According to the reports, the husband promised the wife to visit Goa or abroad on their honeymoon trip. She even said yes to going to Goa and South India but the man took his parents first, instead of going with her wife.

But the husband initially booked tickets to Ayodhya and Varanasi without even informing his wife as his mom wanted to visit Ayodhya before the Ram mandir pran Pratishtha was completed. She went on the trip without refusing but after coming back they started a massive argument after which the wife asked for a divorce.

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Goa Honeymoon Ayodhya Divorce

According to the lady, they married 8 months ago, in July 2023 but as they both were IT professionals so they waited for their honeymoon. She also added that there were no money constraints as they both worked in a good IT company and earned very well so there was not a demand to visit Goa or abroad. The lady also said that he cared more about his family and not hers which pushed her to file a divorce against her husband.

Goa Honeymoon Ayodhya Divorce
Bhopal’s Couple: Goa Honeymoon Ayodhya Divorce news

Right now they are getting a counsellor Adv. Shail Awasthi for the case in the Bhopal family court.

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