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Why Only Ram Statue In Ayodhya Why Not Lakshman: Here’s Why

After Pran Pratishtha of Ram Mandir, we want to know Why only Ram statue in Ayodhya why not Lakshman. This article will answer your question.

Hello friends, as we all know the grand Pran Pratishtha of Ram Mandir has just taken place and many many people around the world were excited for it. No doubt it was a win for all the Hindus and people were so emotional by the time of Pran Pratishtha because of the struggle we have done for getting our Lord Ram’s Janmbhoomi back. But Pran Pratishtha has also made so many questions in the minds of people as to why the Ram Mandir only has the murti of Ram Lalla and not of lord Laxman and any other deity from Ramayana. This article contains answers to your question Why Only Ram Statue In Ayodhya Why Not Lakshman?

Why Only Lord Ram’s Murti Is There In Ram Mandir?

As we all know this Ram Mandir which is newly built in Ayodhya is dedicated to Lord Ram’s Younger self ( Ram Lalla). The place where the temple is built is the Ram Janmbhoomi and therefore right now there are only idols of Ram Lalla in the temple which is the reason Laxman Ji Murti is not there in the Ram Mandir. The authorities wanted us to celebrate and signify Lord Ram as a child so that we could commemorate our lord’s childhood.

I hope you will get your answer Why Only Ram Statue In Ayodhya Why Not Lakshman?

Why Only Ram Statue In Ayodhya Why Not Lakshman
Why Only Ram Statue In Ayodhya Why Not Lakshman

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Why Ram Lalla And Not Ram In Ayodhya?

As we all know, after the fight of several years, we got our Ram Janmbhoomi back, these years included many fights, rallies, hadtals, and many lives. Ayodhya being the Janmbhoomi which is the birthplace of Lord Ram, the temple is designed so. The authorities decided to dedicate this mandir to Ram Lalla (the childhood of lord Rama). Ramji who is a powerful Hindu Deity, spent his childhood in that place. The lands of Ayodhya hold every single memory of our Lord Ram’s Childhood. To celebrate his birth in Ayodhya the temple was decided to be built.

It was to make the place significant for his childhood. The place holds the joyful and innocent phase of our lord, being the reason the Ram Mandir has an idol which is been shown as a 5-year-old child. When you see the idol and see the innocence of the murti, you’ll not at all feel like it’s a sculpture made, you’re going to feel a child behind that murti. The carving of the murti is made in such a way that people cry when they see its first view.

In conclusion, just to remember and signify the birthplace of Lord Ram, the murti is made of Ram Lalla and not of Lord Ram’s older version.

Why Ram Lalla And Not Ram In Ayodhya
Why Ram Lalla And Not Ram In Ayodhya

Future Plannings Of The Ram Mandir?

As per the reports we have received, the Ram Mandir Trust has planned to make the first floor dedicated to the brothers of lord ram, Sita Ji and Hanuman Ji not only this, the mandir will hold A hospital, school, medical stores, kitchens and staying halls for the devotees. The construction of all these might take some time to complete and we’ll inform you as soon as the authorities announce the plans for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Who made the Ram Statue in Ayodhya?

Lord Ram’s statue in Ayodhya is made by the talented Arun Yogiraj, who’s carved almost 100 murtis till now.

Q2. Why there is no Sita ji idol in Ram Mandir?

The temple wanted to depict the childhood of lord ram which is Ram Lalla.

Q3. Who gave the evidence of Ram Mandir?

The ASI (Archeological Survey Of India) was the one who proved that there existed a huge Hindu temple before Babri Masjid.

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