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Refrain From Fake News of Ram Mandir: Says Government

Hello friends, as we all know Ram Mandir is around the corner to get inaugurated with a huge opening, people from around the world are chasing to seek lord Ram’s blessing. And because of the interest of people in the temple, media platforms are using it as a public attraction tool. They’re forwarding fake messages and information.

However, the government has stated proper strictness to media platforms to stop sharing any fake news and messages to the people. It disturbs communal harmony and public order. Despite all of these, social media should take a proper duty to handle such content and manage it.

News like free VIP passes and Prasad are being forwarded, to gain public interest which is not good for the community. Let’s talk about these matters in brief.

Fake VIP Passes

The forwarded messages include a QR code, saying that it contains free VIP passes for the people on 22nd January. It’s again a part of the scam, scanning the QR enables your phone’s setting for the hacker and they’ll get your all-important credentials by this method. People who are so excited about the inauguration get scammed and scan the QR without any inquiry. These types of messages are shared in the name of government and people end up believing in it. One should always check the information before performing the task

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Free Prasad

As we all know due to reasons, Khadi Organics have now closed their prasad scheme for the citizens. People taking advantage share links and messages that say ” free prasad ” and get scammed easily. Scammers know the value of inauguration in people’s hearts, so they’re using this as a public scam. Again, one should always check before verifying themselves on the link. No such schemes are on by the government and any important message or information will be received by the official website itself.

Be aware of such scams and don’t trust any links or messages so easily, for more such informative content, stay tuned.

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