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Creta Top Model Price 2024: On-Road Price, Features, and Much More.

Creta Top Model Price 2024: On-Road Price, Features & at the end of the article you can perfectly examine whether to take this model or not.

Hello friends, Creta is a company which has attracted most of the users over the years. It had been the top choice for people and showed its impression on many. Recently the company has announced one more creta model which is attracting fans. People are willing to buy the new model, and if you’re one of them, this article is going to help you out in clearing your doubts, about Creta Top Model Price 2024 at the end of the article you can perfectly examine whether to take this model or not.

Let’s First Start With the Price of the Model

Hyundai has unveiled an update of its popular Creta model, ranging from Rs 11 lakh for the basic e-petrol manual to Rs 20 lakh for the high-end SX(O) diesel automatic version This price is introductory, There are 19 Creta different versions of the facelift available, thanks to five different engine and transmission combinations.

Creta Top Model Price 2024

The new Creta is slightly more expensive than its old models, going up by Rs 13,000 for the base model and Rs 80,000 for the top model. It remains expensive in its segment.

Creta Top Model Price 2024

moving further, let’s talk about the Overall Design of the Car

The exterior of the 2024 Creta has been completely redesigned, with a larger grille and a new lighting system that includes LED daytime running lights, a series of indicators and a light bar above the grille The main quad-LED lights are now lower on the bumper. The rear has also been redesigned to have a more square shape, with full LED taillights, full-width LED headlight stripes, and a new bumper. The change in the side profile includes the new alloy wheels.

Inside, the Hyundai Creta features a new dashboard with a 10.25-inch touchscreen that combines with Alcazar’s new 10.25-inch digital driver display The screen has three titles and can show images from blind-view the monitor when the indicator is active. The center console has been redesigned to include controls for the new two-zone climate control system. The interior also has light colors and brass details.

The exterior of the cabin remains the same as the old models, with new USB Type-C charging points. The boot volume remains unchanged at 433 liters.

The Creta continues to impress with its features, including a power driver’s seat, dual-zone climate control, cabin air cleaner, electronic parking brake, rear seatback adjustable, rear seat headband and rear sunshade, a new 360-degree camera, a sophisticated Bose sound system The car also has related tech features, including a new Jio Saavn music streaming app and the ability to control your vehicle remotely using an eSIM-based setup.

Whenever we are seeing a new car to buy, the only thing we pay most of the focus is on the

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Safety of the Car

let’s see what security handles the new model holds.

Safety upgrades on the new Creta include six airbags that are standard on all models and an ADAS-based radar camera on higher models. The ADAS suite includes 19 functions such as auto emergency braking, adaptive cruise control with stop and go and lane keep assist. Hyundai also claims that the body shell has been reinforced in critical areas for crash protection.

After reading all these you might have got a clear look on whether to buy this model or not. We hope you found this article helpful and informative, for more such content stay tuned.

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