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Man Behind Rashmika Mandanna’s Fake Video Arrested: Here’s the Details.

Hello friends, as we all know social media is good and effective but we never focused on the cons of it. Recently, viral videos of South Indian actor Rashmika Mandanna were circulated over social media. Not a single photo but a couple of videos were also formulated throughout the social media. After so long, the man behind this case is finally found out. Read this article to know the case in detail

More than two months after a deepfake video of actress Rashmika Mandanna entering a lift went viral on social media, the Delhi Police on Sunday arrested the main body in the case.

The Delhi Police IFSO team arrested Imani Naveen, 23, a resident of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh.

The main building of the Delhi Police took up the matter on November 10 after the video was posted on social media. The first video was of another woman seen entering the elevator wearing a black dress. The accused reportedly used AI to transform Mandanna’s face into that of the woman in the video.

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Man Behind Rashmika Mandanna’s Fake Video Arrested: Here’s the Details.

About the Accused

Naveen is pursuing a B.Tech and completed a digital certification course in Digital Marketing from Google Garage in 2019. He was creating three fan pages, one of which was for Rashmika Mandana, who did not have enough followers, due to which he posted a … deepfake video and uploaded it to a fan page on Instagram on October 13, after which his followers grew from 90k to over 100,000.

In the video, Rashmika’s face is transformed into that of Zara Patel, an influencer from London. The case had been under investigation since November

Statement of the DCP

DCP IFSO Unit Hemant Tiwari said. “..We have arrested the main accused identified as 24-year-old Eemani Naveen from Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. A laptop and mobile phone were recovered from him. His deleted data has also been recovered…He created a fan page for a famous movie actress (Rashmika Mandana) and also created two fan pages for two other celebrities…He made a deep fake video to give numbers was increased followers …Further investigations are on,”

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