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Katarina Carroll: First Female Commissioner of Queensland Police Services. Why She resigned?

Breaking News: Why did Katarina Carrol step down from her post? What was her journey of service? and Her family, age, and Husband & more.

In this article, there will be information regarding Katarina Carroll who recently resigned from the Queensland Police Commission Post. Who is Katarina Carrol? Why did she step down from her post? What was her journey of service? What Challenges did she face? Her family, age and qualifications, so let’s find out!

Who is Katarina Carroll?

Katarina Carroll is an Australian Police officer and the commissioner of the Queensland Police Service since July 2019.
She is the first female commissioner of Queensland Police Service. However, on 20th february, Tuesday, she announced her resignation and would not seek an extension to her contract and step down as of 1st March, ie, Friday.

She wears the following Australian and Queensland Awards and unit citations on her uniform:

  • Australian Police Medal (APM)
  • National Emergency Medal
  • National Police Service Medal
  • National Medal
  • Queensland Police Meritorious Service Medal
  • Queensland Police Exemplary Conduct Medal
  • Queensland Police Service Medal
  • G20 Citation
  • Commonwealth Games Citation
  • 2011-2011 Queensland Flood and Cyclone Citation
  • QPS 150 Years Citation

Why did Katarina Carrol step down from her post?

Carrol’s departure has sparked discussions and debates across Queensland, prompting questions about the circumstances surrounding her resignation and the future of the state’s law enforcement leadership.
The main reason revealed by Carrol herself for stepping down, as she citied the need for new leadership to guide the organisation forward, also a decision influenced by discussions with her family and heightened speculation and commentary.

Why Katarina Carroll resigned

She announced her resignation shortly after the tragic death of Vyleen White, an event that ignited the public concern regarding youth crime in Queensland, her decision was prompting questions as she specialised in Youth crime branch.

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What was her journey of service? Challenges and Controversies.

Katarina’s career in law enforcement spans over four decades, during which she held various roles, including serving as the fire and emergency services commissioner.
Throughout her career, Carroll has been recognised for her contributions towards the force, leading a team of over 17000 dedicated staff members.

She also faced some challenges during her tenure, recently tragic death of Vyleen White has sparked and drawn attention to issues such as youth crime, police integrity and the force’s response to domestic violence.

Information regarding Carrol’s family, age, and qualifications

Katarina Carroll who is currently 60 years old, was the first female commissioner of QPS, resigned from the post as per the decision influenced by her family including her husband Michael and her children, and decided to leave early to allow for leadership change.

Talking about her early education and qualifications, she was educated from Mount Garnet State School and then boarded at Mount St. Bernard College. Also, she completed her diploma in community welfare from James Cook University in Townsville. She also holds a bachelor of arts in Criminology and criminal justice from Griffith University for which she was awarded Outstanding Alumnus Awards in 2018.

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