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Why EaseMyTrip and Indians suspended Maldives and choose Lakshadweep over it

Why EaseMyTrip and Indians suspended Maldives and choose Lakshadweep over it: "Sorry Maldives, I have my own Lakshadweep, #BoycottMaldives.

Lakshadweep and Ayodhya to Turn Out as New International Destinations & Why EaseMyTrip and Indians suspended Maldives and choose Lakshadweep over it

In the recent social media world we came across a great discussion about PM Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep and facing many comments regarding, let’s look into the matter closely.

In recent times,

Maldives which is a travel hotspot for most Indians faces clashes after a minister of Maldives commented insulting against Prime Minister Modi which paralleled the cancellation of many Indian travelers to Maldives.

Indian Online Travel Agency EASEMYTRIP has canceled all flight bookings to the island.
” In solidarity with our nation, @easymytrip has suspended all Maldives Flight bookings.”
CEO AND CO-FOUNDER, EaseMyTrip, said on X

What Exactly Happened

Maldivian Prime Minister Abdullah Mahzoom Majid has said that PM Modi’s recent visit to the Lakshadweep islands is an attempt to divert India’s attention away from the Maldives. Majid also said that India is promoting Lakshadweep as a tourist destination, posing a challenge to India in the coastal tourism sector.

Why EaseMyTrip and Indians suspended Maldives and choose Lakshadweep over it

His remarks sparked widespread backlash, with many Indians reportedly canceling holiday plans in the Maldives. Photos of canceled flights and booked hotels began circulating online, with the hashtag #BoycottMaldives trending on social media in India

Online forums as well as travel planning forums are filled with comments and opinions expressing frustration and anger. Some travelers have even started online campaigns to urge them not to visit the Maldives until an apology is issued.

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People like: Indians suspended Maldives and chose Lakshadweep over it

Dr Falak Joshipura, a physiotherapist was planning a birthday trip to Maldives on Feb 2 at Amaya Kuda Rah resort but decided to cancel all the plans due to the minister’s remarks.

Another Indian has postponed his trip to the Maldives and wrote, “It makes no sense to spend heavy money for an excursion to a country where they hate our country India.” “We were coming from the UK to India for family reasons and were planning to go to Maldives from there. Not anymore,” wrote on X

Another X user commented “Sorry Maldives, I have my own Lakshadweep, I am Atmanirbhar.” and photos of the cancellation.

Maldives which got most of the travellers from India now will probably face a lack of tourism and people from India want to go to Lakshadweep and explore it.

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