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How To Block Unknown Calls Automatically On WhatsApp, here are the steps you can follow.

Are you getting calls from unknown numbers regularly? and want to Block Unknown Calls on WhatsApp? solution is here "silent unknown callers".

Hello Friends, In this very hustling life we often share our contacts with people, but the problem arises when you start getting calls from unknown numbers regularly, it disturbs you and your work. Recently we got to know that WhatsApp is upgraded with a feature where you can block unknown calls automatically. In this article we’ll read how you can enable the feature, let’s get started.

Can You Block Unknown Numbers Automatically On WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has made the answer to this question go Yes!, Nowadays privacy is very important, and everyone seeks for platform that gives them security and privacy, keeping this in mind WhatsApp launched its very new feature “silent unknown callers” which ensures that the call gets silent whenever you receive a call from unknown numbers, which aren’t important to you to attend.

how to automatically block unknown numbers on whatsapp

To Block Calls From Unknown Numbers in WhatsApp, here are steps you can follow to enable the feature.

1) Go to WhatsApp Application on your phone.

2) Click on the three dot button, in the top right corner.

3) Then click on settings to move further.

how to stop whatsapp calls without blocking

4) Now go for the privacy option on the screen.

How do I disable WhatsApp calls

5) Now Scroll down in this field and search for calls.

how to stop unknown calls on whatsapp without blocking

6) Go to the Calls option and turn on the “silent unknown callers” button.

Calls Settings

Now a question here arises that

Where can you see these silent calls?

When you enable this feature of WhatsApp, the calls will go silent but what if you miss an important call?

You can see these calls on the call logs of WhatsApp for that you can follow these steps –

  • Go to the WhatsApp application on your phone.
  • Now from the home screen, you’ll see an option for Calls, click on that.
  • There you can see all the missed calls, with their details.
silence unknown callers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to Stop WhatsApp Calls without Blocking?

To stop WhatsApp Calling without Blocking them, you can enable this feature of “silent unknown callers”. Settings > Privacy > Calls > Silent Unknown callers.

Q2. How To Disable WhatsApp Calls?

To disable WhatsApp silent calls you can go to settings > Privacy > Calls > Silent Unknown callers ( and turn off the button).

Q3. What happens when you Silent Unknown Calls?

When you enable this feature of silent unknown callers, the calls that are not saved in your phone and that are not important to you will automatically be silenced. This helps you maintain your privacy and focus.

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