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How To Pronounce Croissant And Win Britannia Croissant Internship

In this post, we will learn what is Britannia croissant internship & How To Pronounce Croissant & also learn croissant pronunciation in India.

Yes, you heard it right! Britannia has launched its very own internship and offering a stipend too, which is shocking. In this article, there will be all the information regarding this very interesting internship launched by Britannia. How to pronounce Croissant in English and Hindi? What is Britannia Croissant Internship? How to apply for Britannia Croissant Internship? and description of a Croissant, so let’s find out!

Britannia Croissant Internship.

First, let’s find out about this interesting and creative internship. Britannia Industries Limited, an Indian Multinational food products company has recently launched a distinctive marketing internship, ‘Croissant Pronunciation Expert’ with the goal of boosting awareness of the croissant category in India.

The company will provide a stipend of ₹3 Lakhs, and candidates have the opportunity to earn a significant amount. The internship program is running from 3rd March to 10th March 2024, interested people are encouraged to apply.

Within 24 hours of the launch of this campaign, over 25000 registrations have been garnered through WhatsApp. With this initiative, Britannia aims to make croissants more familiar and appreciated, potentially accessing a significant market within India’s diverse culinary culture.

How to register for the Britannia Croissant Internship?

Interested applicants who want to register for this internship can easily join Britannia’s official WhatsApp channel and then following the required steps through Instagram.

How To Pronounce Croissant And Win Britannia Croissant Internship
How To Pronounce Croissant And Win Britannia Croissant Internship

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Idea behind ‘Britannia Croissant Internship’.

The whole idea behind this internship revolves around a ‘croissant’. Croissant, a French delicacy is very popular for its buttery, crispy layers and delicate pastry that’s stuffed with chocolate or other flavors inside the croissant. While enjoying this delicacy, the main problem faced is how to pronounce Croissant.

You might have faced the same issue. On social media, there has been always a strong debate regarding this, which gave them the idea to launch this internship. The selected candidate’s responsibility will be just to correct the pronunciation of the word in all the office meetings and events for a day. The brand has also partnered with Internshala, an online internship training platform to amplify this campaign.

How to pronounce Croissant in Hindi and English.

Croissant’s pronunciation have always been a debate on social media. There are diverse pronunciations of Croissants like, ‘Kwa-son, crusso-n, nruss-ant, kwah-saun, cru-sonh, and many others.
The real question here is how we pronounce the word Croissant in India. India, a country with variety of languages and dialects.

In English, there are two ways in which we can pronounce Croissant: Kwaa-saant and Kruh-saant.
In Hindi, the pronunciation of Croissant:

  • Croissant : क्रोइसैन (singular form)
  • Croissants: क्रॉसैंट्स (plural form)

If you also wish to be a part of this internship, learn these pronunciations, register quickly before 10th March, and be that lucky candidate to earn a stipend.

I hope this article was interesting and knowledgeable, for more such articles and the latest news updates… Stay Tuned!

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