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Why were servers of Instagram and Facebook were down? Real Reason

In this article, we will know Why were servers of Instagram and Facebook were down. Real Reason and slo Threads Messenger which Meta manages,

Facebook and Instagram Server down: Social media platforms Instagram and Facebook servers were down in India and also in other parts of the world.
In this article there will be information and updates regarding the sudden shut down of Instagram, Facebook, Threads and Messenger which are managed by Meta, these apps were shut down in India and all other parts of the world. Why these apps were crashed? What is the reason behin this?, let’s find out!

Instagram and Facebook Server down?

Users all over India were unable to load apps, deliver messages and refresh their search feeds on Facebook and Instagram. There were more than 300,000 reports of outages, while there were more than 20,000 reports on Instagram. Several users were logged out of their accounts on facebook and while some faced ‘could not refresh’ on Instagram.

Instagram and Facebook Server down

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Meta’s spokeperson Andy Stone, responded to this on Twitter X, ‘ We are aware people are having troubles accessing our services. We are working on this now’. Soon enough Instagram and Facebook which were down for more than 1 hour was fixed.

This sudden server down of these apps led to chaos among users, leading to delete and re-downloading of apps. Some even also wondered, if their accounts were hacked.

People jumped to Twitter X owned by Elon Musk, to find out the solution, Twitter X made a comment through official account stating ‘we know why you’re all here’ and even Elon Musk, the owner also took a jibe at Meta stating, ‘If you are reading this post, it’s beacuse our servers are working.’

Why Instagram and Facebook were crashed

Why Instagram and Facebook were crashed? Real reason.

The issue is resolved now after 90 minutes of users trying to logi in back into their accounts.
London-based internet monitoring firm Netblocks said the issues appeared to be ‘related to login sessions in multiple countries’.
The reason behind can also indicate a common cause, like a failure at a major cloud service provider.

Now both the apps are working back fine.

If any issue reappear or there are any new updates, you will be updated as soon as possible.
I hope this article was interesting and knowledgeable, for more such articles… Stay Tuned!

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