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Update your Aadhar details till 14th March for free, after that, you’ll be charged. Here are the steps you can follow to update your Aadhar card.

In this post, we shared a details guide to update your Aadhar before 14th March for free & also all the steps to update your details in Aadhar

Hello friends, recently in new information we got to know that you can update your details in aadhar card for free till 14th March 2024 , these details include your name, address, phone number . Though the previous deadline was 15th December 2023 but the authorities have increased the deadline till 14th March 2024 due to the high positive response from the residents. This facility is free for all the users on the Aadhar portal. Now the question is what is the proper procedure to do so? Don’t worry we have got you, this article has a step by step guide to change your aadhar details before 14th March 2024.

Please note: This service is only free on the online portal of aadhar, if you want to do it offline , you’ll be charged a minimal amount of Rs 50 at the physical centre.

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How To Change Your Name / Age / Address / Gender in your Aadhar Card Online.

1) Go to the official Aadhar portal and log in here with your registered mobile number by OTP verification method.

2) Select the “Name/Gender/Date of Birth & Address Update” option on your screen.

3) Choose the type of update you want to do, name address , gender etc.

4) Choose the field and then add on the details asked for the verification and update.

5) Now you’ll be asked to upload your existing proof photo, which is to be scanned and uploaded.

6) By this, your process is completed, and you’ll receive a tracking number by which you can see the updates.

7) Once all the data is verified, you’ll receive a confirmation message which can be used to download your updated Aadhar card.

Previously when you go for any type of update in your aadhar card even online, you were supposed to pay an amount of Rs 50/- The government has decided to let it free for all the users, so update your aadhar now to avail this service for free.

Update your Aadhar details till 14th March for free, after that, you'll be charged. Here are the steps you can follow to update your Aadhar card.

Documents Required To Update Your Aadhar Card Online.

When you go for your Aadhar update either online or offline, you’re supposed to hand in specific documents for the verification, this step is very important so don’t forget to carry all of the things mentioned below –

  • PAN Card
  • Ration Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID
  • Driving Licence
  • Jan Aadhar or Bhamasha Card
  • Gazette officer notice

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