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When Is Friendship Day 2024, How To Celebrate, Wishes For Friendship Day, and more.

In this article, we have also mentioned some best wishes you can give your friends on Friendship Day 2024. & When Is Friendship Day 2024.

Hello friends, the new year comes up with the excitement of upcoming festivals. Every year we celebrate Friendship’s Day with such joy and excitement. As Valentine’s week is also approaching. People also want to know when is friendship day in 2024, and when is national friendship day? etc etc. This article has all the details and everything you need to know about friendship days and dates. In this article, we have also mentioned some best wishes you can give your friends on Friendship Day.

What Is Friendship Day?

Friendship Day is the day when we celebrate the bond between friends, by commitment to our friendships and often exchanging friendship bands. This day often stands for planning a day out with your friends, to remember that you have some people apart from your daily hustled life. People you got close with, no matter school friends or college friends or even office friends, this day is to reunite with them and celebrate the bond between you. Often commit with your friends to stand by them whenever you need them.

When Is Friendship Day 2024 in India?

Friendship Day is celebrated on different days in different countries. In India, we often celebrate it on the first Sunday of August every year. This year Friendship Day is on 4th August’24.
In some countries like Argentina and Brazil, it is celebrated on 20th July.
Though, the national best friend day is celebrated on the 8th of July to build a strong bond with that one person.

When Is Friendship Day 2024
When Is Friendship Day 2024 in India?

When Is National Friendship’s Day?

Joyce Hall first described Friendship Day in 1930 in the US. who is the founder of Hallmark Cards. But in 1958 US Congress declared the first Sunday of August to be celebrated as Friendship Day all around the world. The idea behind this was to celebrate the bonds and build a strong connection with each other.

How To Celebrate Friendship Day?

People often celebrate friendship’s day in their ways and concepts. People often exchange bands, gifts, and cards, and some even plan parties or picnic dates. If you can’t be with your friends, that’s not a problem, you can even celebrate it online, by sending them cute messages and gifts if you wish to.

Wishes For Friendship Day To Share With Your Friends.

Wishes 1. Happy friendship’s day, to my crime partner. thank you for being there in my lows.

Wishes 2. Cheers to our friendship, and all the memories we have, more to cherish. Happy Friendship’s Day.

Wishes 3. Cheers to y’all, and thank you for accepting all of my flaws. Happy friendship day.

Wishes 4. to the friend, who always stood by my side. happy friendship’s day.

Wishes 5. may we last long, more than ever could ever imagine. happy friendship’s day.

Wishes 6. to the bond, I am always grateful for, happy friendship’s day.

Wishes 7. to my best friend, thank you for always having my back, I will always cherish this bond. happy friendship’s day.

Wishes 8. y’all are my chosen family, and I am proud to say so. happy friendship’s day.

Wishes 9. Besides all the lows and ups we’ll always stand strong together. happy friendship’s day.

Wishes 10. Moments are always special when you have friends involved in it. Happy friendship day.

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