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What Is MCC: MCC Full Form, meaning, and importance.. here’s everything you need to know…

in this article we are going to study the same what is MCC? What is the importance of it and MCC Full Form, meaning, and more?

Hello readers, as we all know that the NEET exam is all around the corner, and candidates who have not yet decided for their career and want to learn more about medical… we have MCC for y’all.. in this article we are going to study about the same that what is MCC? what is the importance of it etc etc etc. Let’s understand this in detail all together.

Going into the Medical field is a hard and time taking journey..demanding high patience, proper strategies and consistency with all your dedication and hard work. Here MCC plays an important role in inspiring the candidate and their families for the same.

What Is MCC? What is the full form of MCC? Here’s a proper explanation for y’all.

MCC which is Medical Counselling Committee is a separate body which is constituted by the government of India for Family welfare. This committee streamlines the counselling process for the candidates wishing to apply for UG (Under Graduate) and PG (Post Graduate) medical courses. It is operated under DGHS which is Directorate General Of Health Services.

What Is MCC, MCC Full Form, meaning, and importance
What Is MCC, MCC Full Form, meaning, and importance

Functions of the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC)

let’s understand the functions of these committee to understand the working of it in a better way.

Counselling and Seat Allotments

For various courses like MBBS, BDS, MD, MS and diploma courses MCC conducts counselling sessions. It comes from the allotment for the seats and ranks in NEET examination.

Seat Matrix and Reservation Policies

It helps the quota like SC/ST, OBC etc to set their matrix and ensures the reservation policies which is mandated by the government of India.

Online Registration and Options

MCC sees the online registration process and ensures that the candidates fills up the their choice of college and gets one on the bases of eligibility.

Conducting counselling rounds

MCC conducts counselling rounds for the students which includes certain mop ups for students to fill up the vacant seats.

Importance Of MCC ( Medical Counselling Committee)

Let’s learn about the importance of MCC, why it is important and why we need it.

Fair and unbiased admission process

MCC ensures fairness and transperacy and merit based admissions to the candidates irrespective of their caste, religion and background.

The easy and efficient counselling process

MCC ensures an easy and efficient process of counselling as it makes the way easy and less of a hustle reducing the burden over both administration and candidates.

A huge Reach

MCC showcases the huge reach it got, ensuring that every person gets the college they want irrespective of the geographical location they’re in.

What is the official website of MCC ?

The official and website of MCC is

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