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Ram Lalla Idol REVEALED, Here is the Latest Ram Mandir Murti Photo

Ram Lalla Idol REVEALED, Here is the Latest Ram Mandir Murti Photo: A new idol of Lord Rama was installed at the Rama temple in Ayodhya.

Ram Lalla Idol REVEALED

Yes, friends Ram Lalla Idol REVEALED today: as we all know Ram Lalla’s idol has been revealed ahead of the Pratishtha ceremony, the idol looks so beautiful, attracting the devotees towards it. It’s our honor that we are finally over the corner for the Pran Pratishtha ceremony at Ayodhya and people are eagerly waiting for Lord Ram to bless them.

A new idol of Lord Rama was installed at the Rama temple in Ayodhya ahead of the ‘Prana Pratishtha’ or consecration ceremony on Monday.

Ram Mandir Murti Photo

The first image of the idol – shared by Union Minister Shobha Karandlaje this morning – shows the deity as a standing five-year-old boy.

Ram Lalla Idol REVEALED, Here is Latest Ram Mandir Murti Photo

” The dream of decades has now become a reality.
First glimpse of Prabhu Ram Lalla. Jai Shree Ram. “
Designed by Mysore-based artist Arun Yogi Raja, the 51-inch statue is made of black stone.
With many prayers and songs, the statue of Ramallah was placed in the shrine.

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The blessing ceremony of the temple began on January 12. On January 22, PM Modi will perform the “Prana Pratishtha’ pooja, sources said. A team of priests led by Laxmikant Dixit will perform the special Prana Pratishtha ritual.”

Prime Minister is strictly following rules and customs before attending the Pratishtha ceremony of the Ayodhya Ram Temple.

Ram Lalla Idol

Sources said that PM Modi was lying on the floor with only a blanket and drank only coconut water.
He has also asked the public to avoid visiting the temple on 22nd January and said “We would not like to cause any problems to Lord Ram “, further said that you can come visit the temple from 23rd onwards.
The ceremony will see 11,000 people coming across the country and abroad and are specially invited by the temple trust.

Also, PM Modi has asked every Indian to light up Diyas in their houses, in the joy of welcoming Lord Rama. He expects to celebrate another Diwali on 22nd January as we invite Lord Rama, with all our hearts.

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