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Half day leave on 22 January, Liquor & Meat/Chicken Shops closed, for the grand opening of Ram Mandir on 22nd January.

Half day holiday in all government offices, Dry Day in Whole India & Meat/Chicken Shops closed, that too for the grand opening of Ram Mandir on 22nd January.

Half day leave on 22 January: As we all know Ram Mandir’s Pran Pratishtha is around the corner, and many people’s sentiments are connected to it. Certain practices are enabled by the government of India to commemorate the opening of Ram Mandir.

Half day leave on 22 January for All Central Government Offices

Offices that come under the central government will be given a half day, Union Minister Jitendra Singh announced.
“Due to the overwhelming sentiment of the employees and requests from them, the Central Government announces half day closing till 2:30 pm on 22nd January 2024, at all Central Government offices, Central institutions, and Central industrial establishments throughout India on the occasion of Ram Temple Pran Pratishtha ceremony,” 
Many state governments have even declared a national holiday on 22nd January.

Half Day in All Central Government Offices on 22nd January for Ram Mandir Opening

Dry Day in Whole India

The Authorities have claimed, that on 22nd January which is the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of lord Rama, it will be considered a dry day, to respect the auspiciousness and maintain the dignity of the lord. All the liquor shops will remain closed and the state government will look into this matter strictly. As it’s a big day for India every citizen should avoid consuming alcohol and such items, claimed the government. As a citizen and a devotee, we have to respect religious sentiments.

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Meat/Chicken Shops to Be Closed

In hand with the liquor shops, the government has also stated that the meat shops will be closed. According to Hindu dharma, it’s a sin (paap) to kill any animal and consume it. To respect the religious sentiments of the country and Hinduism, the government has also announced the closing of meat shops in India on the 22nd.

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