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Ilayaraja Daughter Bhavatharini Kids, Bhavatharini Child Name, Children’s Photos, Husband Name, and more.

In the last post, we discussed the sad demise of Ilaiyaraja’s daughter Bhavatharani because of stomach cancer at the age of 47, since then there have been many queries about Bhavatharani’s family. Does Bhavatharani have children? what are Bhavatharini Child Photos, What are Photos of Bhavatharani’s husband and family?
So here’s all you need to know to clarify your doubts.

Bhavatharini Child Photos? Family children, Name, and more

As we mentioned in our last post there will be an update about Bhavatharani’s child’s name and photos.

Bhavatharini Children's Photos
Bhavatharini Children’s Photos?

Bhavatharini Child Name

So far it has been concluded that there is a girl Ziya Yuvan who was confused to be as daughter of Bhavatharani.

Ziya Yuvan with Father
Ziya Yuvan with Father

But from research and further Twitter (X) posts, it was found that Ziya is the daughter of her brother Yuvan Shankar Raja. Ziya shares a special bond with Bhavatharani and her grandfather Ilayaraja.

Ilayaraja with GrandDaughter

Bhavatharani’s Family background, her husband’s name, and photos.

As discussed in our previous post about Bhavatharani’s sudden death, condolences from people and fans

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We also mentioned about her family and her husband. Bhavatharani always had a strong bond with her father Ilayaraja and brothers Kartik Raja, and Yuvan Shankar Raja. She also worked with her family on various music videos, ‘Mayil Pola Ponnu Onnu’ and ‘ Bharathi’, which were composed by her father and she won the National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer award for the same.

Bhavatharini Husband Photos
Bhavatharini Husband Photos

Family Photo

Bhavatharini Family Photos

Bhavatharani’s husband R. Sabariraj and their relation

She met her husband during her school days, and since then they had a good relationship.
R. Sabariraj, son of Ramachandran had a background in advertising. Bhavatharani and her husband shared a special and interesting layer to both of their careers in media and advertising.

As we discussed, in the Above articles about Bhavatharani’s death, family, children, Bhavatharini Child Name, and background. Here’s more information that you need to know. like Who is Vasuki Bhaskar, Vilasini Bhavatharini Relationship, Bhavatharini Funeral, and more.

Bhavatharani’s last rites and funeral

Bhavatharani passed away in Sri Lanka, where she was getting treatment for her cancer. Her body was brought from SriLanka to Lowercamp in Theni district, Chennai for the last rites, where thousands of fans and other notable personalities such as actors Sivakumar and Srikanth, director Baghyaraj, and former AIADMK minister D Jayakumar paid their respects.
Chief Minister MK Stalin also expressed deep sorrow for her death and extended his condolences to her father Ilairaja and her brothers, feeling bad for the family’s loss.

Ilayaraaja and other family members performed the last rites.

Earlier on 27th January, Yuvan Shankar Raja, brother of Bhavatharani, was spotted on Mumbai Airport, as he arrived for the final rites. During the funeral, the family also sang the playback singer’s song ‘ Mail Pola Pollu Onnu’, for her paying her the last respect. Here’s the funeral video :

Previous Bhavatharani’s articles

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Who is Vasuki Bhaskar? Relationship with Bhavatharani

Vasuki Bhaskar is an Indian fashion designer in the Tamil film industry. She is cousins with Bhavatharani, Kartik Raja, and Yuvan Shankar Raja.
On Bhavatharani’s death, she also shared a Twitter X post with her cousin’s sister about how she is missing their bond

Who is Vasuki Bhaskar? Relationship with Bhavatharani
Who is Vasuki Bhaskar? Relationship with Bhavatharani

Vilasini’s emotional video

Another cousin of Bhavatharani, Vilasini shared an emotional video opening about Bhavatharani’s medical issue and her death in a YouTube video. This showed the close relationship between these cousins,
Here’s the link to the video


Ilaraaja’s Twitter post

On 26th January, a day after her daughter’s death, Ilayaraja shared a post on Twitter X with his late daughter.
The picture was black and white with her daughter in adolescent age.

Ilayaraja shared a post on Twitter X with his late daughter Bhavatharini
Ilayaraja shared a post on Twitter X with his late daughter Bhavatharini

Oliyile Therivadhu: song produced by Ilayaraja

‘Oliyile Therivadhu’, Azhagi a 2002 film song, was produced by Ilayaraja, and sung by Bhavatharani and Kartik Raja.
The family worked together on many projects.

Bhavatharini: oliyile therivadhu song
oliyile therivadhu song

I hope this article was able to fulfill all your queries, for more such content and the latest news … Stay tuned!

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