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Nafe Singh Rathee Shot dead, Today latest news update.

In this news, we will know about Who was Nafe Rathee, his age? How Nafe Rathee was killed? What is Bahadurgarh latest news?

In this article, there will be information regarding the Haryana Indian National Lok Dal President Nafe Singh Rathee who was shot dead. Who was Nafe Rathee, his age? How Nafe Rathee was killed? What is Bahadurgarh latest news? What is an INLD party? And many more, so let’s find out!

What happened to Nafe Rathee? Bahadurgarh latest news?

Indian National Lok Dal’s Haryana unit president Nafe Singh Rathee was shot dead on Sunday 25th February in broad daylight. Another party worker, Jaikishan also died in the shooting. The death was confirmed by INLD leader Abhay Chautala.

Rathee was in his SUV car while the unidentified gunmen who shot at him were in a Hyundai i10, opened fire at Rathee’s SUV, and then fled from the scene. Nafe Rathee was taken to the hospital, where doctors said he suffered multiple bullet injuries and bled continuously, they also attempted to give him CPR which gave no result, and was declared dead.

Nafe Singh Rathee Shot dead, Today latest news update.
Nafe Singh Rathee Shot dead, Today latest news update.

How Nafe Singh Rathee was killed? Who was behind his murder?

Nafe Singh Rathee was traveling in his SUV car on Sunday afternoon, 25th February, along with three private gunmen hired for his security. The unidentified gunmen were in a Hyundai i10 and started firing at his SUV, these shots were fired from a very close range and then they fled from the scene. This incident took place near Barahi Railway crossing, Bhahadurgarh.
The police currently suspect gangster Lawrence Bishnoi and his gang are behind the attacks and also initial inquiries point to property disputes.

Who was Nafe Rathee? His age and qualifications.

Nafe Singh Rathee who was 70 years old, was a prominent Jat leader, also a former MLA. He brief stinted with BJP when he was denied a ticket from INLD. But however BJP did not give him a ticket as well, so he contested independently. In 2018, he was back to INLD and served two terms as the chairman of Bahadurgarh Municipal Council.

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He was member of 9th and 10th Haryana Legislative Assembly from the Bahadurgarh Constituency and also he was the State President of Indian National Lok Dal of Haryana.
Last year, he was in trouble as he was declared the main accused in the suicide case of Jagdish Rathee, son of former BJP minister Mange Ram Rathee and was booked under the abetment to suicide.
Rathee harassed him in a property- related matter and led Jagdish Rathee to end his life.

What is INLD party?

Indian National Lok Dal is a political party based primarily in the state of Haryana. The party emerged as a significant voice advocating farmer’s rights and rural development in the state of Haryana.
The party is led by Om Prakash Chautala, his son Abhay Singh Chautala current general secretary.
Nafe Singh Rathee was the part of INLD party as a State president of Haryana.

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