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MS Dhoni and MC Stan ‘s new Ad Got viral & become #AdOfTheYear

MS Dhoni and MC Stan's new Ads Got viral & become #AdOfTheYear after Fire-Boltt introduces its revolutionary Smartwatch in a new ad.

MS Dhoni and MC Stan new Ad Got viral & become #AdOfTheYear: Whether you are a cricket fan or not, you might know one person very well. And that is Mahendra Singh Dhoni, friends, whenever an advertisement related to Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Ads video comes, it immediately goes viral. Last time RIGI company’s AIDS video went viral and today they did the same thing again in a new advertisement.

People were forced to call the advertisement #AdOfTheYear.

Yes friends, Firebolt company has come up with an advertisement with MC Steyn and Mahendra Singh Dhoni, and in that ad, the performance of MS Dhoni sir and the uniqueness that Firebolt company has shown in this advertisement. Due to this people are discussing that matter a lot on social media. And they are sharing it loudly on their accounts by calling it ads of the year.

New advertisements of MS Dhoni and MC Stan

You all may not have seen this advertisement yet, but if you wait for a few days, this advertisement will reach you too, In the new advertisement, MS Dhoni and MC Stan are shown advertising the smartwatch/Wristphone of Fire-Boltt company.

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The advertisement is made in a humorous manner

Scene: In which rapper and Bigg Boss 16 winner MC Stan is. He introduces himself to Mahendra Singh Dhoni sir, but MS Dhoni is unable to recognize MC Stan, so Dhoni immediately finds out who MC Stan is and what he does with the help of Google Assistant in the Firebolt company’s watch. This advertisement has been made in such a way that people are showing a lot of interest in it and currently it is becoming quite viral on Twitter.

MS Dhoni and MC Stan's new Ads Got viral & become #AdOfTheYear

Let us tell you that this advertisement has been shot in a very funny style with Stan and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. People like it a lot, that is why people are discussing it, So let me show you some such comments on social media, and at the same time, I will also show you those advertisements after seeing which you will also say whether this is an advertisement or a comedy video.

Some twits about MS Dhoni and MC Stan new ad

This hashtag started trending in India #DhoniXStan

This (#DhoniXStan) hashtag started trending on Twitter ever since Fire-Boltt introduces its revolutionary Wristphone in a new ad featuring MS Dhoni and MC Stan, aiming to highlight the device’s uniqueness. Get the latest Today Breaking News on Politics, Bollywood, Lifestyle, and Sports along with News updates from around the world.

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