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Jaipur Internet Shutdown: Why is internet not working in Jaipur today?

Jaipur Internet Shutdown: Yes Guys in Jaipur Today internet not working so do you want to know Why is internet not working in Jaipur today?

Today we all are accustomed to reading or downloading any news or app from Google only when we have internet on our phones, but today Rajasthan is once again in the news. And the topic of discussion is why internet is not working in Jaipur today and Jaipur Internet Shutdown.

Now 100 types of questions must be coming into your mind. After all, what happened to Rajasthan, which remained quiet in the headlines recently? This is often done after some major incident. But this time the reason for Jaipur’s internet closure is a little different. Let me tell you why your internet is not working in Jaipur today despite WiFi being fine.

Why is internet not working in Jaipur today?

The reason for your internet not working today is because of your children’s exams. Yes, do not get confused because this time the administration has decided Jaipur’s internet shutdown for a special reason. Recently you must have heard a lot about the incident of a paper leak after the examination. This news comes after every examination and candidates get disappointed. Therefore, to avoid such news, the step of Jaipur internet shutdown has been taken.

Jaipur Internet Shutdown Why is internet not working in Jaipur today

The government recruitment examination is being conducted on Sunday. In which lakhs of candidates are going to participate. In such a situation, the incident of paper leak should not occur again after the examination. To avoid this, it has been decided to keep the internet switched off during the examination.

For how many days will the internet remain closed in Jaipur?

In the new year, the examination is being started by Rajasthan Public Service Commission from 7th January. This is the reason why a decision has been taken to shut down internet in many districts of Rajasthan including Kota.

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Internet will remain closed from 11 am to 2 pm

Today, on 7th January i.e. Sunday, the Assistant Professor, Library Superintendent, and Physical Instructor examination is being organized by the Rajasthan Public Service Commission. This examination is being conducted in Ajmer, Bharatpur, Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota and Udaipur. Therefore, it has been decided to keep all networks closed except broadband lines from 11 am to 2 pm. Get the latest Today Breaking News on Politics, Bollywood, Lifestyle, and Sports along with News updates from around the world.

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