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Indian plane crash today: Indian Plane Going to Moscow Crashes in Afghanistan!!! : Tap to Read in Detail.

Indian plane crash today: an Indian plane crashed in Afghanistan. As per the reports it crashed in the mountains region of Badakhshan in Afg.

Indian plane crash today: Recently, an Indian plane crashed in Afghanistan. As per the reports it crashed in the mountains region of Badakhshan located in Afghanistan. The aircraft carrying Indian passengers was not verified at first, but later the Afghanistan media reported the plane was from India and was going to Moscow.

  The DGCA said, “The plane is neither an Indian Scheduled Aircraft nor a Non-Scheduled (NSOP)/Charter aircraft.”
“It is a Moroccan-registered small aircraft,”

Indian plane crash today

Indian Plane Crash Today

An Indian User posted a video of a plane crash and shared it on Twitter and said “Indian plane going to Moscow crashes in Afghanistan The plane was going to Moscow via Afghanistan News quoting Afghan media #Moscow #PlaneCrash #Russia #Afghanistan #IndianPlaneCrash #Plancrash #Accident #Afghanistan #Indianplane

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Taking immediate notice of the incident and investigating the matter, the Director General of Civil Aviation immediately issued a statement denying claims that the plane involved in the crash was Indian. “The DGCA official insists it was not an Indian aircraft. One of the planes that crashed in the Topkhana hills near Kuran, Munjan, and Jibak districts of Badakhshan province was a Moroccan-registered DF-10 aircraft,” the Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA) official said In a statement to ANI.

Indian plane crash today

The Taliban’s head of information and culture in Badakhshan said the carrier plane landed on Topkhaneh Hill, which stretches across the Karan, Manjan, and Jibak districts of the province.

Information like the number of passengers etc are not out yet. We’ll update you as soon as it’s up. Till then stay tuned.

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