Laapataa Ladies Full Movie Download In HD leaked, showtimes, collection, and reviews.

Do you want to download Laapataa Ladies movie? which was released in theatres on 1st March, is Laapataa Ladies Full Movie Download In HD.

Hello friends, recently a movie Laapataa Ladies which was released in theatres on 1st March, is Laapata Ladies Full Movie Download In HD (High Dimension) leaked.

laapataa ladies full movie download

This movie is directed by Kiran Rao and has a star cast of Nitanshi Goel, Sparsh Srivastava and many other talented stars.

Recently, Laapataa Ladies full movie was leaked just after a few hours of the release in cinemas illegally. In this article we’ll discuss this and much more about the movie Laapata Ladies.

Laapataa Ladies Full Movie Download In HD, Leaked !!!

The movie Laapataa ladies fell out with a lot of positive response from the viewers, but now the excitement has now took a pause when the market is out here with the leaked footage of the movie download in HD. This movie is now a victim of piracy. This leaked footage is now a big threat for the makers and their hardwork in this project.

Laapataa Ladies Full Movie Download

What Is Piracy? Say no Piracy !!

Piracy is when you leak the footage of a newly released film for the viewers to watch it for free. This illegal way to watch film is nowadays very trending and people are enjoying it without knowing the cons of it.

Saying no to piracy is not just beneficial for the makers but also to you all, this makes the hardwork of the makers and all the people involved in the making go zero. Not only this, when you download this type of file in your phone, it increases the chances of inserting viruses in your phones which is way harmful then spending some of your bucks in the theatres.

We highly request all the readers to prevent doing any such thing as this may involve you in the case of piracy.

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Lapata Ladies movie Review and collection.

The movie Laapataa ladies is doing great work in theaters. People are so happy by the storyline and the acting line. The rating of this movie in IMDb is 8.2/10 and 4/5 on India Today.

Some Of The Reviews from People on Laapata ladies

  • Niyati Bhat – Jathal commented

Laapataa Ladies – Theatre near you

There is an old saying that – Beauty lies in simplicity and innocence. You don’t need over the top special effects, erotic songs, unbelievable storyline and huge stars to make a beautiful movie.

What you primarily need is a beautiful screenplay and an honest director who can justify the talent of the writers and the actors. Laapataa Ladies gave me the same feeling that I had when I watched Panchayat! I was smiling and getting teary eyed all at the same time. Getting these feelings while watching a movie has become a rarity these days. After a long time, there comes a movie which is as good as its trailer. The young star cast and all the stellar veterans in the supporting cast steal your heart with their innocence. And what a beautiful message of woman empowerment is conveyed in a non preachy way!

Undoubtedly the best movie to hit the screens in the post covid era! Loved it!

  • Manisha Chauhan commented

It’s an extraordinary Family film to watch together.. after long long time such movie have seen in theatres it’s a value watching this flim… script is areas of strength for exceptionally ought to be upheld where our Indian societies and values are shown… Ghungat pratha is given such an interesting part in movie …one should not sit around proceed to watch appreciate with your family & friends , debut actress Nitanshi Goel have truly did justice to her character Phool she is so pretty just like her name in movie, her acting is so so natural one feels connected with her character in movie, she unbelievable in her role, I would say if it’s Aamir khan production , Kiran Rao direction & actress Nitanshi Goel acting this movie is Indian spice with full tadka in it 🔥…❤️❤️🥰🥰🎉🎉🤩🤩🙌🙌🙌🌸🌸🍿🎥 @kiranrao @nitanshigoel @aamirkhanproduction #laapataaladies#gowatchrepeat

Collection and Showtime of Laapataa Ladies

As of now Laapataa Ladies has collected a total of 65 lakhs on the First day of the movie, i.e., 1st March. This movie is expected to grow more as people are loving the storyline and the overall movie.

The showtime of this movie varies from place to place.. you’re advised to search it on a known platform.


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