Age Criteria For UPSC exams, What is Age Eligibility for UPSC

If you're one who wishes to give the UPSC exam but you aren't aware of the age criteria for UPSC exam and the UPSC eligibility age.

Hello Friends, as we all know UPSC is one of the most important and strict exams in India. People in thousands apply for the exam after preparing for several years. But the restrictions arise here are of the age limits set by the authorities for the applicants. If you’re one who wishes to give the UPSC exam but you aren’t aware of the age criteria for UPSC exam and the UPSC eligibility age. then we got you up. This article has every detail on this and we have explained it in depth for you all.

What Is UPSC

UPSC stands for Union Public Service Commission, this body in our country looks after the civil services of our country.. Any candidate who wishes to join the civil services of our country has to pass an entrance exam CSE which is conducted by UPSC in time intervals. After clearing all the rounds of this you’ll be eligible for getting into the post of IAS, IPS, and IFS etc.

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Age Criteria Of UPSC

Let’s now look into the main thing we were discussing, The age criteria of the Candidates for UPSC.

Age Criteria For UPSC

Minimum Age For The Application

The minimum age criteria for UPSC is 21 years by August 1st which is the every year examination month. This rule strictly allows candidates of age 21 or above to apply for the examination.

Maximum Age Limit For The Application

The maximum age criteria for UPSC varies to categories. This isn’t the same for all. The maximum age limit for the application for UPSC are

  • General – 32 years
  • OBC – 35 years
  • SCs and STs – 37 years.

These ages are set after considering a lot of facts. We hope you have understood everything in depth.. for more such informative content stay tuned with

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