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Saudi Arabia First Alcohol Store: Name, Location Here’s All The Details

where is the Saudi Arabia first alcohol store to be opened? what will be the rules and regulations for the same? & Name, Location let's find.

Hello friends, In recent news we got to know that, the first-ever liquor shop in Saudi Arabia has been announced to be opened. Because of reasons no alcohol was allowed directly in the nation, but now it is preparing its first-ever liquor store. After listening to this news people were very excited to know why there were no alcohol stores yet. where is the first alcohol store to be opened? what will be the rules and regulations for the same? etc etc. Coming up with all your answers in this article.

Why There Were No Alcohol Store In Saudi Arabia Yet?

Saudi Arabia’s authority banned alcohol in the nation after King Abdullaziz’s son shot dead a British while he was drunk in 1952. So the Authorities decided to stop all the places that sell alcohol as the after result can harm someone’s life. It’s been more than 70 years since there were no alcohol shops in Saudi Arabia.

Where Is The First Alcohol Store Of Saudi Arabia Located?

As per the sources, the authorities have said to open a new store for alcohol at Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarter West for Muslim diplomats. The shops will sell legal alcohol in competition with all the illegal sellers. As per the information, the store is about to get open in few weeks.

Saudi Arabia First Alcohol

What Kind Of Rules And Regulations Are Set For The Alcohol Store By The Authorities?

As the authorities has now allowed to open the alcohol store, there are some Rules to be followed while buying.
Mainly for the betterment of the nation and ensuring a safe result.

  • No person below 21 is allowed to buy alcohol.
  • The buyers have to register before and take prior permission from the government.
  • A person should be properly dressed to buy the alcohol.
  • There will be monthly limitations on the alcohol per person.
  • Only the person who has to drink can buy the alcohol. They cannot send drivers or workers to do their tasks.

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What Monthly Limitations Are To Be Set For The Buyers?

Monthly limitations show the amount of alcohol you can consume in a month. According to the reports, one will be given 240 points/per month, whereas one litre of spirits will cost 6 points. One litre of wine would cost 3 points and one litre of beer will cost 1 point.
Drinkers should be wise about the place they’re drinking, and their behavior after that.
According to the law, the consumption of alcohol legally can cost you jail, fines, and passport cancellation.

The authorities are planning to add a new framework for consumption, to limit the usage of such goods.
This initiative by the government is set for “Vision 2030”. by Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to promote tourism in the country.

Saudi Arabia First Liquor Store Name & List.

As per the sources, the liquor is yet to be opened, so the name of the store is not been told and decided yet, and also the Saudi Arabia First Liquor Store Name List is yet to get out but as soon as we get the information or any update we’ll update you on … till then stay tuned.

We hope you found this article helpful, for more such content stay tuned.

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