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Republic Day 2024: Parade, Flag Hoisting Time, Chief Guest, Theme and more

This article is about the 75th Republic Day celebration, flag hosting ceremony, and the chief guest invited for the same. Parade Time & more.

In this article, we will get an overview of the republic day we will get an overview about Republic Day 2024, the 75th Republic Day celebration, the flag-hosting ceremony, and the chief guest invited for the same.

Republic Day 2024

India will be Celebrating its 75th Republic Day on 26th January 2024. The flag-hosting ceremony is the same as all the years since 1950.

Republic Day is the event to celebrate the democratic principles made in the constitution of India.

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Parade and Flag Hoisting Time On Republic Day 2024

The Republic Day parade will comment from 10:30 AM onwards and Vijay Chowk. The parade follows the old traditions and it showcases how the country unites and cherishes their independence. 

The event of Republic Day begins with the parade followed by the flag hoisting ceremony. The parade is a combination of all regiments Indian Navy army paramilitary forces and the police displaying the nation’s military actions, also the parade is showcased with air shows that present patriotism and pride among the citizens of the country. After the parade the, president unfurls the national flag, a ceremony different from Independence Day.

The Republic Day parade tickets are available at Rs 500, Rs 100, and Rs 20 for reserved, unreserved, and seeds with restricted view. These tickets can be booked online from the Ministry of Defence’s official website.

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What Is The Theme Of The 2024 Republic Day Parade?

This year’s 75th Republic Day has a unique theme inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s sentiments, which inspires and highlights the fundamental qualities of India as a democratic country. The Themes for this year are ‘Viksit Bharat and ‘Bharat- loktantra ki Matruka’ . This theme highlights the tableau that shows India’s rich tradition and cultural diversity, as well as India’s progress, and achievements since independence.

Who Is The Chief Guest Of Republic Day 2024

This year French President Emmanuel Macron will be the chief guest for the 75th Republic Day. He arrived in Jaipur on 25th January for a roadshow with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and on 26th he will be granting his presence further for the Republic Day celebration. A 95-member marching contingent and a 33-member band contingent from France will also be taking part in the parade. President Manuel also visited India for the G20 summit in September last year.

75th Republic Day 

This year Republic Day holds great significance as it embarks on the achievement of ‘Purna Swaraj’ for India Symbolising the country’s attainment of sovereignty.

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