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Is Poonam Pandey Still Alive? Poonam Pandey Dead Or Not, Why Poonam Pandey Spread Death Fake News

Poonam Pandey is Alive: Why Poonam Pandey spread death fake news? Is Poonam Pandey still alive? Reactions of people on Poonam Pandey’s fake death? in this article there will be answers to all these questions, let’s find out!

Is Poonam Pandey Alive?

Yesterday, 2nd February, Poonam Pandey’s team claimed that she died of cervical cancer at the age of 32. This news has sent shock waves through the industry with many refusing with it. Poonam Pandey has always known for her controversies and people has labelled her ‘Controversy King’.
But on Saturday, ie, 3rd February, the model-actor shared new videos on her official instagram saying ‘I am alive’.

Here’s the video

Also she wrote on her Instagram handle ‘I feel compelled to share something significant with you all – I am here, alive. Cervical Cancer didn’t claim me, but tragically, it has claimed the lives of thousands of women who stemmed from a lack of knowledge on how to tackle this disease. Unlike some other cancers, Cervical Cancer is entirely preventable. The key lies in the HPV vaccine and early detection tests. We have the means to ensure no one loses their life to this disease. Let’s empower one another with critical awareness and ensure every woman is informed about the steps to take. Together, let’s strive to put an end to the devastating impact of the disease and bring #DeathToCervicalCancer’

Why Poonam Pandey spread death fake news? What was her motive?

As from the first post, she just talked about her being alive and cervical cancer claiming lives oh thousands of women.

She made another post on her Instagram, where she was apologising to her fans and people, about causing chaos about her death and said it was her intention for people to talk about cervical cancer, as many of us are unaware about cervical cancer and how it takes lives of women unknowingly.

With her further posts, she promoted the HIV vaccine Why Poonam Pandey Spread Death Fake Newsto prevent Cervical Cancer.
Her motive all around her fake death was to aware people about Cervical Cancer and HIV vaccine, which indeed caught the whole Nation’s attention with over 500 headlines.

Why Poonam’s fake death is receiving hate from nation?

People are expressing their anger through Twitter X posts, about Poonam Pandey’s fake death, saying it is a shame for using death as a publicity stunt.

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Poonam Pandey Death Fake News, Poonam Pandey Death Pic & Funeral is She Really Dead?

Not only fans and public are expressing their hate, but celebs are also reacting to her stunt.
Kusha Kapila and Ridhhi Dogra calling it was all an agency’s fault for using such methods.
They are expressing their hate for the PR and marketing teams who initiated this idea of fake idea and to promoting Cervical Cancer and using it as a campaign.

I hope this article was interesting and answered all your queries. For more such articles … Stay tuned!

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