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How To Change Paytm Fastag To Another Bank Account | Paytm Fastag After 29 Feb: Paytm Banned? Deactivate Fastag online… here’s everything you need to know.

In this post we know How To Change Paytm Fastag To Another Bank Account | Paytm Fastag After 29 Feb: Paytm Banned? Deactivate Fastag's everything you need to know.

Hello Readers, as we all know that Paytm Payments Bank (PBBL) is permanently banned. There are many issues related to it in the public. Some people are confused that whether there paytm Paytm Fastag After 29 Feb will work or not? how to transfer Fastag from Paytm to another bank account?, close Paytm Fastag? how to port fastag from Paytm? and many more. In this article we are going to talk about the same issue and solve your problems, this includes the proper solution and answer to all of your questions. Let’s understand this matter altogether.

What Is Paytm Fastag

Paytm fastag is a simple and reusable tag which is attached to your vehicle’s front mirror, it helps in an easy getaway at tolls. This is directly linked to your Paytm payments bank wallet, which deducts money in every toll automatically.

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Paytm Fastag Banned? Paytm Fastag After 29 Feb?

Yes, paytm payments bank is banned, and just because of that the fastag of Paytm will no longer work. Though you can use the present balance of your wallet, but after 29th February, no additional funds or money can be added to your Fastag wallet.

How To Change Paytm Fastag To Another Bank Account | Paytm Fastag After 29 Feb
How To Change Paytm Fastag To Another Bank Account | Paytm Fastag After 29 Feb

How To Deactivate Fastag Online and withdraw money from your Paytm Fastag account?

if you’re one of them, who has registered in the paytm but now after the order of RBI, you want to deactivate your paytm fastag… then here are some easy steps you can follow to do so.
1) Log in to paytm with your registered mobile number, linked to your fastag account.
2) Go to the search bar and find for Fastags and then move to manage fastags.
3) Select the account you want to close and select the option of close fastag.
4) choose why you want to close your account.
5) After your procedure is confirmed, you’ll receive a message and the available amount in your fastag will be credited to your linked bank account.

How To Transfer Fastag From Paytm To Bank Account?

if you wish to transfer or change your fastag from Paytm to any other bank account.. after the order from RBI.. here are some steps you can follow to do so. The most asked questions of people is how to transfer your Paytm fastag to icici bank.. let’s clear it out.

Though, you cannot transfer fastags from a specified publisher to another because of privacy reasons. But still like in this case, people using paytm fastag have no other options, what can you do now?
So, in this case, first of all we have to close / deactivate the paytm fastags using the above steps.
Then, you can proceed to buy fastag from any other bank account using the similar steps given below.
Here we are giving an example for ICICI bank, but any other bank also has a similar procedure.

ICICI bank provides simple procedures to their users for buying the Fastag.

1) go to
2) click on “new user/customer”
3) The form for the fastag will appear, you’re supposed to fill the required details and complete the payment procedure.. (make sure you fill in the correct details)
4) once the payment is done, you’ll receive a confirmation message and fastag via courier.

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