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Ghaziabad To Get A New Name??? says the authorities.

Ghaziabad To Get A New Name: Gaj Prastha, Doodheshwarnath Nagar, and Harnandi Nagarwhich will now be presented to the chief minister.

The Ghaziabad Corporation committee recently passed an ask to change its name on Tuesday.
Sunita Dayal (The Corporation Mayor) presented the proposal with some suggestions: Gaj Prastha, Doodheshwarnath Nagar, and Harnandi Nagar
which will now be presented to the chief minister Yogi Nath for the final decision.

Dayal reported “A proposal to change the name of Ghaziabad was passed by an absolute majority of councillors,”
She also added “Many people have been demanding that the name be changed and that a better name be used. Based on the proposals, and after discussion with the board, a proposal will be sent to the CM. He will decide to change it,”

BJP MLA Sunil Sharma said that he made this proposal last year in the state assembly for the name to be changed to Gaj Prastha.

The head pandit of Doodheshwarnath Temple ( Mahant Narayan Giri) stated the suggestion last year, where all three names are related to Mahabharata as today Ghaziabad was a part of Hastinapur, which was a dense forest all occupied by elephants. which are also called GAJ, the reason behind naming it Gaj Prastha says GIRI.

Ghaziabad To Get A New Name??? says the authorities.

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Reason Behind the Change

Renaming cities is not uncommon and is often motivated by historical, cultural or political considerations. In this context, the shift from Ghaziabad to Gajaprastha seems to be rooted in a desire to reconnect with cultural and historical roots. Translated as “Elephant City,” Gajaprastha reflects the city’s efforts to honor its heritage and give a sense of pride.

Proponents of the name change symbolize a break from the colonial past, regaining a name more in connection with local history Elephants, revered in Indian culture, are associated with strength, wisdom, and prosperity, making the city’s transformation a symbolic backdrop.

Challenges Behind the Way

But not everyone agrees with this decision. Critics point out that the name change could present practical challenges, affecting the city’s image, branding, and business models. Change requires adjustments to official documentation, signage, and public awareness campaigns, which can be time-consuming and expensive.

Businesses and residents may face challenges with the transition to the new name, especially those with close ties to the old name. Navigating the transition from Ghaziabad to Gajprastha certainly requires adjustments in various aspects of daily life, from postal addresses to business logos.

After all the discussion above, in the end, it’s the take of authorities to put up the final decision, stay updated with us.

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