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Elvish Yadav arrested or not, Elvish Yadav Reaction Video

In this article, there will be more and more information regarding the Elvish & Maxtern controversy. Reaction video? Elvish Yadav arrested or Not?

After being called out for his wrong doings, Elvish Yadav has finally posted a video on his official Instagram.
In this article, there will be more and more information regarding the Elvish and Maxtern controversy. Elvish Yadav Reaction video? Elvish Yadav arrested or not? Maxtern YouTube? And many more.
As said by Neon Man in his YouTube video ‘Biggest controversy of the Year’, so let’s go in deep with this controversy and find out!

Elvish Yadav Reaction Video

Elvish has finally posted his reaction on the whole controversy.
First, he shared his picture promoting his upcoming music and then another story where he gave out the statement of explaining his side soon.

Further, he shared a 27-minute-long video explaining how people listened to only one side and got emotional.
During the video, he said how Maxtern has been poking him since 8 months, also Elvish claimed at the beginning of the video having the right to explain his side of the story.
In the video, he mentioned how he had met Maxtern before for a project and the two used to share a good bond.

The main motive of Elvish was to calmly talk and sort things with Maxtern regarding his posts and negativity against him. Later Sagar Thakur aka Maxtern commented on Elvish’s Family, even called Maxtern to his own place and said he will be treated as a guest, but Sagar refused to come.

Elvish called the whole incident as a ‘planned matter’ by Maxtern, as he called Elvish to his friend’s garment shop where 4 people from Maxtern’s side were present, still they didn’t stop him from getting beaten up and he was also wearing a mic, cameras were too present to record the whole scenario.

Elvish Yadav Arrested?

A complaint against Elvish has been filed by Sagar Thakur at Gurugram Police Station. Complaints has been issued under section 147 (punishment for rioting), 149 (unlawful assembly), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), and 506 (criminal intimidation).

The reality show winner star has not been arrested yet, as police has recorded Sagar’s statements and the investigation is under process.
So far, Elvish has also explained his side, in which he dismissed how Maxtern bluffed in his statements of attempting murder and killing his family.

Maxtern Youtube, Maxtern V/s Elvish.

Maxtetn or Sagar Thakur is a Delhi based YouTuber who makes educational and gaming videos. He has over 1.68 million subscribers on YouTube.

Sagar Thakur and Elvish Yadav are having this conflicts since 8 months, when Elvish Yadav came out of Big Boss as a winner, since then Sagar has been posting negative remarks about Elvish on his X account.
Both parties have also met before for a common shoot where they shared a good bond but negative remarks by Sagar as content for views led to this war.

I hope this article was interesting and insightful, for more latest updates … Stay Tuned!

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